Brady was hit WAY too much last night

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    I was at the game and Brady got crunched and slammed what seemed like a good half-dozen times last night. These were HARD hits and some came when he was TOTALLY EXPOSED in throwing motion. In a few instances he was very slow getting up and I was holding my breath. Apparently BB had decided to keep the first team in for a set number of plays come hell or high water, but I was impatient to see Tom leave the game after the first couple times he was clocked. Just not worth it. I didn't hear BB's press conference and don't know if this was addressed, but I'd like to know his thoughts on this.

    We do not have a physically dominant offensive line, folks, and this worries me a bit. I certainly hope Scarnecchia chews some butts and gets this rectified before next week. We all know what's at stake with our franchise QB getting knocked around like that.
  2. bb07

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    Our offensive line worries me, esp Matt Light. Can't compare with Indy's O-line for sure.
  3. vinceanity

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    The Titans appear to be much improved. Their DL sacked Jason Campbell 5 times last week as well. I think the Pats will be OK but I was shocked at how Odom and KVB really lit up Light and Kaczur all night. And Haynesworth was using Neal and Mankins as a rag doll. Pats pressure was great too on VY but the Pats brought the house. Titans did there damage with their front four only.
  4. pciamp24

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    Their lack of protection for ALL of the QB's was worrisome..

    Brady took alot of hits and was rushed often. I kept saying to myself" can they take Brady out so he doesnt get killed in this game. It didnt get much better for the other QB's when he left..

    I hope that the game tape of the pass protection is watched and they fix what they did wrong the ENTIRE game.
  5. MrBigglesWorth

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    It's preseason folks. I don't think you hit the panic button and immediately take Brady out. If anything you change the protection schemes.

    Also notice that the Pats started calling some screens to slow down the pass rush.

    The offense has two areas of concern. The health and depth at RB and the OL protection. Sure it's great to have a ton of wr's but if Brady has no time for plays to develop they are useless.

    This is much like last season where they ahd major protection issues. Remember the Jets mudbowl and the Miami game? Later in the season they rectified the issue and the OL played a ton better.
  6. QuiGon

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    I agree. Young took a few shots too... sometimes I wonder why coaches don't agree before the game they will be no pressuring QB's in the 1st half while the starters are in.
  7. MrBigglesWorth

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    Remember there was no Seymour, no Warren.
  8. 37Harrison

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    After seeing some of the highlights from this game I still couldn't really see who was doing what. All I know is Brady was on the ground too much and got up slowly a couple of times.

    Is this due to the new blocking scheme? Does the new blocking scheme even pertain to the passing game or is it used exclusively for the run game? Was it the O-lines fault? Was it Brady's/WR's fault? You can clearly see the timing is not down and Brady doesn't have that comfort level with the new WR's but then again we are expecting too much if we think the passing game is where it needs to be. Hopefully it doesn't take as long to develop that chemistry between Brady and the new WR's as it did last year. I also think that Without Moss on the field, teams are still challenging Brady to beat them, just like last year.

    Faulk looks to be in midseason form and hopefully Evans can continue to improve his running and be the goal line threat that we lost in Dillon.

    Did anyone else see the Jets/Vikes game? The Jets don't look too hot either. There are 3 weeks left until week 1, lets hope they can pull this together enough to beat the ugly playing they typically show in the first couple of weekd of the regular season.
  9. PatsFanInVa

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    Okay, I agree, Brady getting stomped is not a good thing. But that -- and the wakeup call -- is about all this amounts to. I hope. The O-line has been the same guys, and they're all young and many are rising stars. By all accounts, "on paper," it's one of the elite units in the league now.

    The only thing that could linger into the season, is whether the zone blocking scheme/new playbook for the O-line (which is what it amounts to), could be hard enough to pick up that O-line becomes a position of concern into the season. I just don't see it.

    We'll find out in (WOOHOO) less than a month, but don't be silly enough to think we found out here.

  10. ClevTrev

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    The OL struggled with both run and pass blocking. Whether it's a new scheme for the run (zone blocking) is irrelevant. Bottom line, these boys are in for a long week to correct this before the Carolina game. Brady is lucky to have his head on his shoulders, and Cassel was whacked on the throwing arm hard enough where I thought he'd be lifted early. This occurred with the first team OL in the game.

    It's impossible to evaluate the RBs given the performance of the OL. Even Tomlinson would have been challenged to get a few yards behind the OL last night.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    They are struggling with the new run blocking scheme, albeit without Maroney's talent/speed testing it out. Pass blocking is another matter. It's often said to be their strength, but I've never really bought that. When the WR and Brady are clicking, it's sufficient. And Brady has long made it look better at times than it is because of his deft maneuverability in the pocket. But it's always been maddeningly inconsistent, as it was last night, only last night it was more off than on. I believe one of those hard hits (may have been the first sack of Cassel) was on a Watson missed block as well - would be nice to see Kyle Brady actually get on the field and block.

    The Titans are pretty good up front, but they weren't even blitzing for the most part. The WR's didn't help the cause as they struggled to get open or failed to adjust their route correctly or slipped and fell or flat got out physicaled for the ball in tight spots or simply whiffed on a couple of balls you gotta catch. But it all begins and ends in those trenches.

    Give Brady enough time and he'll find someone coming open. Fail to and he'll rush to try and make the best available play with WR's who aren't quite on the page yet and end up throwing picks and picking grass out of his teeth. It's always about finding a rhythm and then building on it, and for the most part last night this Oline couldn't give Brady time consistently enough to establish one.
  12. PatsFanSince74

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    I think that the earlier posters have made the relevant comments...pre-season, timing with receivers, don't panic after one game that doesn't count...

    However, last night does remind us that, despite the amazing offseason additions, we still have to play and win the game...i'm confident that we're going to have a great season...i just think it's good to be reminded, with no one getting seriously hurt, how tough it is to win in the NFL
  13. Brownfan80

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    On the Official Patriots site in their recap (not the NFL Network recap) they show Brady getting up VERY slowly and he looks to be completely avoiding putting weight on his right leg. Is he okay?
  14. MoLewisrocks

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    He stayed in the game. I'm sure he's a little sorer than he'd like to be after a 2 quarter pre season stint. Cassel looked like he got his elbow hyper extended, but he remained in as well. So I'd assume both are OK but not in the mood to treat our starting Oline to lunch.
  15. Hoodie

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    The O-line seemed intent on getting Brady KILLED last night. I know it's just preseason but we won't have a season if they let Brady get murdered. Bad Bad Bad. Cassel looked awful. And I sure hope this letting teams win in the last minute with stupid field goals is just a preseason thing and not a trend.

    I am not a happy girl this morning.:explative
  16. PATSNUTme

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    The O-line is having trouble getting use to the zone blocking schemes. You can tell when the other team stunts. On the Brady sack they stunted around and the Titans DE blew right up the vacated OG hole. This can be and must be corrected soon.
  17. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams didn't take long for panic to start in and people start ripping to OL.

    I didn't get to see the game, so I won't make any specific comments on it....but I do have a question.....were they keeping a back in to block or were they just going to the spread the field patterns? Were they using any screens to back off the rush?

    This line has never been a "dominant" OL, but it has been a good to very good OL for a while. Just step back from the ledge and take a deep breath. I firmly believe the Pats play selection and, it seems, outright refusal to keep a back in to block on a consistent basis is more to blame for Brady taking hits then anything the OL does. But again, this statement is based upon what I see from the Pats normally, not from last night.
  18. Jimke

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    I wonder how many of the offensive line problems are due to the

    absence of Kyle Brady (and Daniel Graham)?
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  19. patsox23

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    I agree. Not sure I'm with you that it's one of the league's elit units (no matter what that website said), but this OL is proven as a pretty solid group. Not that there isn't room for improvement, and not that they haven't let Tommy get boxed around on occasion in the past, but I think they just had a really crappy night. I expect improvement next week.

    Good news is, we face ANOTHER very good pass-rushing front in Carolina next week so we'll have a pretty good sense of things.
  20. vinceanity

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    they had a TE's and backs blocking and it still did not matter. They had to double Haynesworth on just about every play ( the guy was a beast last night) and their DE just killed all three OT's, Light, Kaczur and O'callahagn. Sometimes the other guys get paid too to get the QB. The Titans DL played well. The Pats D played well too and they brought a playoff like blitz package to get it done.

    I have never seen Brady or Cassell hit that many times. And each throwing two picks and with a FF on a QB pressure was shocking preseason or not. The starting OL even played into the third Q so we know they got chewed. And Cassell nearly got killed on the first drive in the third Q by Odom. He threw a pick on that hit infact.

    Good game for both D's.
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