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    I still have no idea why people still doubt Tom Brady and his ability. I still think he is highly underrated and still gets overlooked by the likes of Peyton Manning and now Carson Palmer. If Brady had the weapons each of those quarterbacks had he might never lose a game. Peyton might be a great qb but until he proves he can win a big game he will never be comparable to brady. And also i am kind of getting annoyed all the time turing on the tv and seeing peyton's face all over the tube even though some of his commercials are funny. That one for Sprint NFL Mobile is pretty funny. I am actually thinking about getting it i hear you can get highlights on the phone now also with updates. Is this true? Does anyone have it and could drop some info on me? Thanks!
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    Did I just read underrated? Underrated? There are many many people who speak of him as the best QB in the league. Does it really matter who gets more commercials he has? I think Brady is magnificent. He is not underrated, maybe two or three years ago but not anymore. Watch TV and you'll see many analysts saying Brady is the best QB, over Manning.
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