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  1. swheeler23

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    He said if he had played in the preseason he might have avoided the hit that took him out.
  2. larryo

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    So you signed up for the free week?

    I missed that what show was it on?
  3. seidenberg3

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    Hear you the whole Interview. Speak he about Gisele?
  4. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    I'm really interested in understanding Brady's thought process with regard to this quote. What is his belief? Is is not calling out the right protection? Is it something physical (leg strength/arm stength)? Timing? Throwing mechanics?
    Did the interviewer follow-up on this statement? If so, was what was his response?
  5. Arialgg

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    Here ya go:
    Brady, on why he wants to play in the preseason: “I really enjoy those preseason games. Last year, it just didn’t unfold that way, and that’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to be there (because of a foot injury). That really could’ve helped me out with my timing in that first game. You never know if I could’ve avoided that hit I took with a better presence in the pocket. … I want to be out there, involved in game planning in the preseason, and that’s what you need to go through to be ready for the opening game. … We’ve got four preseason games. If I play in all of them, I’d be happy with that.”
  6. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Not sure if the transcription added the foot injury in parens or if Tommy actually referred to it. When the local media interviewed him last week he stated that he was supposed to play last pre season but some circumstances came up and he didn't. I fully believe those circumstances had more to do with the condition of his OL than the foot he was consistently practicing on. No Neal at all. No Light as I recall through the first three games, it was a mix and match slapped together line that Cassel was dealt the lousy hand of dealing with. No need to risk a QB returning from injury to that situation in pre season. As a result the offense overall was sloppy out of the gate. Maybe if it hadn't been Tom wouldn't have been trying to make that particular play...which turned out to be a dropped pass on third down as it was.
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  7. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Thanks for digging that up. With regard to the injury, I go back and wonder how severe the origional foot injury from the 07 playoff run really was (thinking it was very severe as opposed to nothing major but kind of a sprain). Now, I go back and wonder in the 08 TC, did the Pats attempt to play it down and make up the "shin injury" that the article below mentions so teams would not go after Brady's legs out of the gate? Along that line of thought, did BB make an attempt to smoke-screen teams so that they would not go after the foot early in the season?

    I think it's interesting b/c I remember both Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson agreeing that Brady's throwing stride on the pass (when he was hit) was "longer" than his normal stride/delivery and they went on to make the assumption that he was trying to overcompensate for a "lower body'" injury- namely the "push" foot (right foot) being weakened and Brady exteded his throwing stride so he could get more mph on the ball. It'll be interesting to see how this potential scenario plays out in pre-season until he proves that his knee is 100%. Not that I know anything about throwing mechanics but my gut tells me a shin injury would not impact push-off strength. I could be way off, but it seems funny.

    Brady unsure if foot injury will keep him out of next preseason game - NFL - ESPN
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  8. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Ian Rapoport's blog at the Herald had some excerpts: - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive Tom Brady (and his family) wake up eeeeeaaaarrrlllllyyy… and links!
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