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BB's coaching genius

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AzPatsFan, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Sullivan is an interesting case of Belichick's ability to resurrect players. They traded "one bust for another" was the common refrain. Both Sully and BJ, had superior talent for their positions, everyone agreed, but they had not performed satisfactorily.

    Yet the needs were different. BJ needed to step up and become a starter from an occasional KR and reserve WR. The Pats had no such immediate need for that from Sully.

    They wanted an ex-starter to turn in to a good reserve. His rep was he was lazy and out of condition. Consequently, his play would fall off as he got tired.

    But BB didn't need to have an instantaneous conversion there. BB established a weight limit and Sully complied. He got to the weight to report but now he was still out of condition, and perhaps weaker from the dieting.

    BB's tough love conditioning runs, showed Sully it meant he needed both correct weight and conditioning. But a reserve doesn't have to pace himself; he can go full tilt for the few plays he is in, then return to the sidelines and catch his breath.

    Doing that serves the purposes that BB sought. BB didn't ask for the moon in one fell swoop. He will be satisfied, this year, if Sully can play in a reserve role and play hard on the snaps he does get; and learn 3-4 NT, in the meantime.

    Next year the bar will be set higher. But Sully has met each of the progressive steps BB set.

    BB genius shows. A step by step program to resurrect a very good talent and his career is well underway.
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    while i agree bb is a genius, i disagree that the example you cite is proof. how could the guy have a new career if he hasn't even played a regular season game in our uniform as of yet? don't get me wrong, i hope you are right, but come on. be realistic, not just hopeful.

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