A "lessons learned" story for some of the big name watchers hereabouts

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    From your subject heading, Box,
    should we infer that you find this apposite Deion?
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    Deion is a camp holdout during a contract negotiation - no big whoop. My title refers to the standard practice of spotting a "name" (e.g. Ray Lewis and even TO) and instantly demanding we shell out the big bucks - I know I'm not alone in viewing that behavior as contrary to current NEP practices. As the article suggests, the Eagles' management has been reassessing some of their thinking on the subject. :D
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    I think the key phrase in the "lessons learned" story is:

    Lurie learned what he had known all along – that a football team’s success is contingent upon having more than just talented players.

    Don't worry, Lurie, it's something that even we Patsfans sometimes forget, that three of four years ago Pioli said, "We are not collecting talented players, we're builiding a team."
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    In Bill (and Scott) we trust.

    I've been a little disheartened to see the chicken little syndrome starting up again. Ye Gads its only day 6 and reading some posts and listening to wags like Andy Hart on PFW you would think we will be battling the Bills for the cellar. Maybe newer Patriot fans don't have the perspective of 40 years of incompetence but I'm happy with whatever Bill and Scott do. They won't be right all the time and we won't win the Super Bowl every year but we'll have a shot every year. Let's enjoy the construction of a team and see how it turns out (probably very good) and see how people develop or don't.
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    #75 Jersey

    Football IS the ultimate team sport.

    I know that is an over used statement but I believe it to be true.

    What Laurie said, and what us Patriots fans should know by now, is that you don't need a team full of stars.

    You need a team of good football players who are team oriented.
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    Amd where is Lurie from???? To think he almost bought the Pats....

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