Callahan Channels Belichick as Parcells dealing with a Branch holdout

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    The premise:

    "It was nice to hear Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells are on speaking terms again, but that’s not exactly what we had in mind. It’s not enough for Little Bill to talk to Big Bill again. We think it’s time for Belichick to start talking like his old pal Parcells.

    After all, the two head coaches are dealing with a common problem in this preseason, but only Parcells has told us how he really feels. They both are asked constantly about their recalcitrant wide receivers, but only Tuna ever takes the bait."

    But Belichick just kind of stares blankly when asked about Deion Branch.

    If he were to respond, of course, Belichick no doubt would explain that discussing the contract dispute would do no good at all. It would only inflame the situation and create a bigger distraction as he prepares for the season opener. But it must kill Bill to bite his tongue and let the debate rage around him.

    You have to believe that he would love to stand up before the media and ask, “So how am I doing so far?†He might be the most disciplined coach in sports, but he’s only human. He must be tempted to, just once, go all Ozzie Guillen on us and unburden himself with a rant like this:

    “All right, I want a name, one name, that’s all. If you’re going to question me on this, I want to know: When’s the last time I bleeped up and let a player get away who went on to stardom somewhere else? Don’t all scream out at once. Let’s hear it. Who’s my Anibal Sanchez? Or my Freddy Sanchez? Or my Cla Meredith? You get the idea.

    “There comes a time when you have to give us credit for knowing our players and what they’re worth. This really isn’t a tough concept. We establish a value for each guy and we stick to it. I don’t care if the guy holds out or holds his breath or takes hostages. I’m not going to wake up one day and turn into Daniel Snyder. "

    “Let me tell you something about Deion. He only thinks he wants to be traded to the Jets. He’d end up in Chrebet-land in about a week. If he stays here with No. 12, he could play beyond his next contract. He could win another Super Bowl and maybe even another Super Bowl MVP.

    “I’m not saying I won’t trade him. I’ll be glad to. But he’s worth more than a second-rounder, and he knows it. We get our price, we got a deal. Until then he can stay home and see how Rosie fits in with the chicks on ‘The View.’ We’re not just going to give in. We don’t have to. The truth is, we could win our division this year with Dionne Warwick at wideout.

    “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go back into my shell and get ready for the season.
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    Oh, that's so funny! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    I am sure that Belichick has thouhgt about saying exactly that. But discipline is for more than football players. Its for him as well. You can't be "Do as I say not as I do", and still be credible. Going public only serves to burn bridges and Belichick is not a "burn bridges" kind of guy.
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    While i agree with the premise i think Mr. Jackson of ESPN would disagree with you on BB never burning bridges.

    However BB does only burns bridges that can never come back to haunt him. BBs great strengh is that even when he is pissed he still maintains interlectual control.
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    I can go with that.
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    Thanks! Just reading that right now was a catharsis!
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    that was great... provided for some good laughs over a not so funny situation
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    * * * * * Five stars ! * * * * *
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    Thanks for posting Mo, read it this am and enjoyed it just as much the second time around! What a refreshing approach to the media black out issue that these writers "struggle" with.
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    Another excellent column by Callaghan, as usual. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but his POV is bang-on with me. As an bonus, he takes a bite at the carcass of the Dead Sux. About time the Boy Genius and his Statman wannabes take the blame for this disgraceful excuse of a season.
  12. brady2brown

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    What does this mean? Didn't that bridge get burned from the Jackson side?

    What I mean is that Jackson publicly went over the line, and now if he tried to talk to BB, BB would ignore him.Jackson burned the bridge.

    BB said nothing publicly about Jackson. If BB called Jackson and wanted to talk, Jackson would say, "Sure." No bridgeburned by BB.

    As I understand it.
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    Brady2Brown: Belichick told Jackson to f*ck off after the Carolina or maybe Eagles superbowl when Jackson tried to make amends. Then Bill made Berman interview him alone, without Jackson.

    People love to wax poetic and have warm fuzzy feelings about Belichick, but the fact is that he is an angry guy with a mean streak who happens to be HYPER INTELLIGENT.

    Many of us have misconceptions about Belichick but I love him for what he is, a perpetually pissed off coach.

    I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn Belichick's true nature, but if you read Patriot Reign you kind of get a glimpse into what 'no nonsense' really means.

    But he is a complex guy, and also very charitable and a great member of the community. He is multi-faceted. But try not to get on his bad side like Jackson has.

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