3rd Down and Short

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    I just posted this on the 4TE thread:

    After thinking about it for a few minutes a question came to mind:

    How good were the Pats on third and short last year?

    I don't recall it being too good, but I don't remember it being that bad either. I would be grateful if anyone could help me find this info out.

    Anyway, I ask this because it appears as if that is what a lot of their offensive moves are designed to impact. When is it most likely to have 3 or 4 TEs on the field? Third and forth downs with short distances. Having the TEs on the field isn't enough though, you have to ensure that the D is worried about the run. If a LB is forced to position himself to overcome a TEs run block, it is that much easier for the TE to be open when he breaks off into his passing route. Enter Maroney. Lastly (or firstly, as it should be), if the Oline doesn't do their job, neither option will work. Enter the two OLs drafted, as well as the injured guys.

    It just feels to me that this is the area that BB/SP/JM are focusing on. Besides turnovers, 3rd downs is the topic that BB brings up in nearly every pre/post-game press conference, so I know that I'm not exactly breaking new ground here. But it just seems like they are extra-focused on this issue.
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    Great point...and don't forget the drafting of an RT touted as the best pure run-blocker in the draft. [EDIT: oops, after rereading I see you didn't forget him!]

    (Also, welcome to the forum and thanks for some outstanding posts!)
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    3rd down was not good last yr. Anything 3rd and 2+ was considered a passing down and most teams blitzed. Tom was only sacked 26 times or so, but he was hit far more than that.(Don't know why more late hits weren't called.) The running game wasn't respected.

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