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  1. stevedogc

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    since the trade. Ive calmed down a bit. Im still confused and disappointed. But from the more i hear and read, its looks like the Pats had no choice. This trade had to happen. Here are my thoughts as to how it came about:

    The Pats decided with the additions of Gronk, Hernandez, Woodhead to go along with Edelman and Welker that they would go back to the dink and dunk offense of old. Moss would still get his shots, but not as many as before. This all became very evident after the Jets game. Brady forced the ball to Moss and it ended up in 2 picks. Moss is a future HOFer, but it became clear he only does one thing great and at full effort. Run straight downfield. You ask him to make a turn, cut, slant, etc. and he losses interest and does it at half an effort. I think the Pats made every effort to keep Moss interested and aware of the new game plans, but it became clear that Moss was not going to be ok with this. He was asked after the win against Miami as to his lack of pruduction, and his response was clear even though it was only one word "gameplan". His main concern was a new contract and if he was not a more focal point of the offense it would hurt his new contract. So he asked to be traded and more then likely told the Pats he would be very vocal in his displeasure if they did not. He backed the Pats into a corner and it looks like this was their only option.

    I still thinks this hurts the team. Lossing your only deep threat is not good. But, I believe in Brady. And if anyone can do it with this group of talented but young WR/TE its Brady.
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    Re: 24 hours later.........

    That's pretty much how I see it too. From all outward appearances, Randy was a good team player for the 3 full seasons he was here. I loved the guy and what he did for this team. He was awesome.
    The spin merchants on this board (both pro and con Randy) will have their say and slant things to fit their perspective and outlook on the team, further illustrating what a polarizing player he was for the fans of this team.
    This whole thing stinks and it speaks loudly to the problem with pro sports in general.
    Randy was on the last year of a 3 year $27 million dollar contract and felt unappreciated and unhappy because he wanted a new contract. I need that kind of unlove! Reality and pro sports are running away from the average fan at warp speed and this situation with Randy just highlights this.
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