Bill Belichick's PostGame Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 02, 2012 at 04:46pm ET

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Please note, the opening statement was omitted due to the fact the broadcast cut in late and didn't include it:

On the final 7-minute drive of the game:

“There was probably our best drive of the day. We needed it. We got good contributions from everybody. We threw it, we ran it, we did a good job of blocking so it was good.”

On how Stevan Ridley and the running game came on at the end and if they did anything differently the final quarter:

“No, we didn’t make any big adjustments, I just think we executed a little bit better. We didn’t really get a whole lot of running plays called, so we ended up calling more of them.”

On the fact they capitalized on each and every one of the Dolphins miscues:

“We try to do that every week. We just try to take advantage of the other team’s mistakes. We caused a few of them.”

On the fact that Brandon Lloyd wasn’t targeted until late in the fourth quarter and if there was a particular reason:

“No, no particular reason.”

On the Mayo sack, whether or not it was a blitz that was called, or if it was a play where Mayo read it a certain way:

“I’m not sure exactly how we had that going, so I’d have to see exactly what they had on the field.”

On the fact it was one of the season lows for yardage yet they still won:

“It’s always good to win. It’s hard to win in this league, so it’s always good to win. It’s not about stats, it’s about wins. That’s what we’re here for.”

On how they dealt with adjustments on the offensive line:

“We just keep slugging it out.”

On if he’s going to wear the new “hat and T-shirt” home on the plane:

“Well, it’s good to have them, I don’t know. It’s always good to get one.”

On the fact the team has clinched so early and the message he’s sending them:

“We’ve got along way go.  We’ve still got a quarter of the season left and that’s a lot of opportunities for us to improve, which we need to do. There’s certainly a lot of things that we can do better than what we did today. Coaching, playing, you know, everything. We’ll just keep working to get better each week. We’ve got a real good football team coming in. Getting ready forHoustonwe know that’ll be a big challenge. We’ll get back to work here and take them on.”

[Barely Audible -  sounded like on the fact they spread the Dolphins defense out and if they felt they needed to do so due to Miami’s size:]

“Yeah, they’re a good run defense. They’ve got a lot of physical players up front and we thought we would be able to attack the width of the field a little bit at times. But I mean, ultimately we’ve to balance things out, which we tried to do.  But yeah, they’ve got a good front, [Cameron] Wake, [Randy] Starks, [Paul] Soliai, [Jared] Odrick, Koa Misi, [Tony] McDaniel, those guys are good players.”

On what he thought of his first view of Ryan Tannehill on the field:

“He did some good things. Glad we had more points than they did. So that’s the most important thing.”