By: Bob George/
November 25, 2003

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It's Patriots-Colts once again, and who better to offer the kickoff chores to than the only other field goal kicker in NFL history to win a Super Bowl with a field goal. It wasn't a walk-off job like Adam Vinatieri, but his epic boot in Super Bowl V with five seconds left was just about as impactive. The only thing Jim O'Brien is known for is this field goal. Let's give him something else to be known for, and extend him the honor of touching off this week's yarn. He kicks it, straight on, of course, and it sails to about the ten-yard line.

One of these days, Houston will win a game like Sunday.

When Tom Brady can overcome some horrid mistakes and still pull out a win like he did over the weekend, two things will happen.

You get way too overcritical.

You underestimate his greatness.

The one decision Pete Rozelle would take back in a second: This writer turned five years old the day President Kennedy was shot. Should the NFL have played? Sam Huff, the former Giant, said it best when he said, "It should have been Jackie's call."

Quarterbacks continue to wither in the face of Patriot defenses.

Next up is Peyton Manning, no stranger to Bill Belichick and Romeo Crennel.

That said, this might be the best Patriots/Colts game since 1977.

Message to J.J. Stokes: Learn quickly, my child.

All this talk about Dallas, them being the top seed in the NFC right now, is getting old fast.

Everyone forgot that they got shut out last week.

And if Dallas is tops in that conference right now, no wonder everyone is calling the winner of the AFC Championship Game the de facto Super Bowl champ.

Geek of the week: The officiating crew at the Baltimore/Seattle game. You really have to give Mike Pereira a lot of credit for being one smooth spokesperson. His usage of the term "administrative error" is darned smooth.

To say nothing of his spin on the tuck rule two years ago.

Speaking of that aforementioned game, man, that was some barnburner. Any 44-41 overtime game is awesome.

The sad thing about the Keyshawn Johnson situation is that some stupid team out there will feel compelled to take a chance on him.

It won't be New England. It will probably be Dallas.

ABC needs to stop programming games like New York Giants and Tampa Bay. A 19-13 game between those two teams is like Air Coryell versus Run 'N' Shoot.

You know, those orange Dolphin uniforms looked nice.

It would have been nicer had Washington been able to play four quarters of football instead of three.

To say nothing of making Jay Fiedler look better than he actually is.

Eugene Wilson will probably get totally ignored when defensive rookie of the year awards are considered. If he gets a ring in February, he won't mind this a bit.

Let's hope that Kansas City is as good a 15-1 team was as Minnesota was back in 1998.

Or, let's hope that Kansas City plays as well at home in the postseason as it did under Marty Schottenheimer.

Back to school: A thousand bravos to ESPN Classic for showing the 1966 Michigan State/Notre Dame game on Thanksgiving night. Too bad Ara Parseghian didn't play to win.

Back to school II: Don't look now, but one Pete Carroll might just be playing for the whole darned thing come early January.

Three more wins and the Patriots set a record for most wins in a season.

Steve Martin ought to give back to the Patriots any salary they paid him last year. Talk about the ripoff job of the century.

Don't look now, but the Rams are beginning to look like their old sweet selves again.

Many will say it's because of Marc Bulger, but the real reason may be that Mike Martz finally discovered that he's got a pretty good running back.

Please don't tell me that Reliant is better than Gillette. It's too early to knock the Razor Blade off its lofty perch.

Jim Mora must have passed the palm for "Most Combustible Coach In Press Conferences" on to Brian Billick.

"Most Irascible Coach In Press Conferences" is still His Tunaness.

Forget this season. Adam Vinatieri will still make a Super Bowl winning kick if he had to do so tomorrow.

Denver lost at home to Chicago. Guess elephants do fly.

Remember him: Lost in the shuffle in that epic 1958 NFL Championship game was the fine work of a decent Baltimore Colt tight end named Jim Muettschler.

Remember him too: Here's to the great former defensive back of the Baltimore Colts, and the product of American International College in Springfield, Bruce Laird. You're a real sports fan if you ever saw Laird when he was an AIC Yellowjacket.

One thing you can count on this Sunday: Belichick has not forgotten how to defend Manning.

But Charlie Weis had better account for someone named Dwight Freeney.

That said, now for some tasty stuff to leave you with for dinner on Thursday.

Patriots are 13-4 against the Colts since 1993.

Patriots are 10-2 against the Colts in the last 12 meetings.

Patriots are 12-6 all-time in the RCA Dome.

Patriots have a .619 win percentage against the Colts, best against any team they have played at least ten times.

The last time these two teams met, David Patten caught, ran and threw for touchdowns.

The time before that, Bryan Cox nailed Jerome Pathon with the hit of the year (on an opponent, not by an opponent).

Let the Revenge Of Fred Silva continue, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.