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I apologize for losing my cool earlier but I DESPISE Mike Tomlin almost as much as the phony that's made a career of propping him up every season...Roger Scumdell. The Squealers break every NFL rule in the book with impunity and employ a head coach that tried to trip an opposing player in the field of play!!! and he's still employed in the NFL. You get caught at work cheating, YOU get fired. Not punk, marble mouth cheater Tomlin though. Despise this absolute turd. What's his excuse THIS time..,.the Browns stole his playbook? PUNK. Rotten little cheating bug eyed PUNK.
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No practice, a lot of the coaching staff out, a JV offensive line, and they hung 48 on Pittsburgh on the road. Hats off to the Browns. I’m rooting for them in the AFC the rest of the way. Next week is the end of the road for them, though.

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How? Steelers can't absorb his $41m salary this fall.
$22M of that is on the books for 2021 no matter what they do.

Of the remaining $19M, $15M is a roster bonus due on the third day of camp. The remaining $4M is salary.


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Last time they were in the playoffs, this was playing in the theaters.