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Sep 12th

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I expect them to get some pressure on Brady. Schoebel is a great pass rusher. We'll double him whenever we can. Look for the Bills to try some twists/stunts to try and get him a favorable blocking matchup.

They have some injuries in the secondary. Look for a big game from Brady and our WRs (take your pick). I don't think we'll see a lot of four WR sets, but we'll still get a lot of passing yards and TDs.

Our defense will feast on their disjointed OL. If they manage to pass block effectively, it could be a long day for our secondary as they have a couple of good receivers. I see them getting desperate (not a great position for Losman) and throwing up a couple of picks.

Not sure what to expect from Lynch. I have only watched a few minutes of them on offense. He appears to be a very solid rookie.

Divisional games are always unpredictable, but I expect a pretty convincing victory by the Patriots.


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NY and SD both tried, and failed, to pressure Brady. I hope Buffalo also tries.

Everyone talks about how open NE's receivers have been getting and think the solution to this is to bring more pressure on the QB. Maybe I'm nuts, but were I Buffalo I'd try to mess up the timing of the WRs and forget rushing in vain.

I figure Buffalo has nothing to lose, a great WR, and a QB who throws the deep ball well. NE has a great front 7. Buffalo should keep airing it out.

I don't know if there's anything the Bills can do to win, though I'm curious to see if they actually try something. From Buffalo's standpoint this is the kind of game where a crappy coach will fail to adapt to the opponent, play "his game," and get killed. When you're going to lose playing straight-up it's time to try something else.
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