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Should the Heat keep Spolestra?

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Sep 12th

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There's a good read on ESPN - it generally rips into LeBron in a big big way and won't make Kontradiction feel too warm and fuzzy

But it also illustrates the thinking that Spolestra might not have what it takes to coax more out of a team of 3 big players and bunch of old guys

Second-guessing: David Thorpe on the Finals - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

My feeling is that Spolestra's good, but depending on who Riley thinks is available and better, he could be let go.

Ultimately if Spolestra IS fired, I guess that's LeBron's fault as well!

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seriously except for kontra who gives a sh!t? i hope they drive there team bus over a bridge lol. go bruins.
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He doesn't deserve to be fired yet...His coaching might be questionable but the guy took on a circus that every basketball fan in the world had their eyes on. Alot of pressure and they did get to the finals in convincing fashion. If Lebron had actually done **** they might have won.


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seriously except for kontra who gives a sh!t? i hope they drive there team bus over a bridge lol. go bruins.

What Insano said ............... :yeahthat: Frig them ...

Watching that video of them being presented to the Miami fans is priceless.
Riley with that sh!tty face on like he made a coup on the league ... :rofl:

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superstars shouldn't need to be coaxed into playing better. The coad did a fine job IMO.


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they should throw a bunch of money at phil jackson

No, they really shouldn't. Seriously, do you guys not remember all the of the trash that old man talked about the Heat and their organization in the offseason? On top of that, he coached the Lakers to multiple championships. That's all I need to know. Let that man burn in Hell. DO... NOT... WANT.


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Coach Spoelstra is doing the best he can, but he may not be able to get the best out of the players on the Heat because he gives them far to much freedom. That freedom will probably lead to him eventually getting fired. Jeff Van Gundy, Pat Riley could come back to the bench, Phil Jackson or even Bill Laimbeer would be a pretty good fit for the Heat going forward when they hire a new head coach.