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You would think they'd show more Giants games up in NE because a lot of the older folks there follow them...
That was the case at one time, when you were either an NFL fan or an AFL fan. But that was so long ago, there can't be but a handful of those older folks still alive - and those that are still living probably switched allegiance by now.

There have always been plenty of New Yorkers that come to colleges in Boston though, that are Yankees/Giants fans. And it makes sense that west of Hartford would be considered Giants territory, but in my opinion the concept of every television market being designated one NFC team and one AFC team is outdated. I doubt people in Denver care about the Cardinals, for example. Giants in NE is similar to how at one time Miami was the only pro football team in Florida, and nearly all their games are still broadcast in Tampa - disregarding the facts that it has been 44 years since the Bucs came into existence; that the Dolphins now stink and have only one winning season in the last ten years; and virtually nobody in Tampa still follows the Dolphins.

I would think that ratings of the best possible game (Rams-Bills in this case) would exceed ratings of the Giants each and every week in the Boston area, and broadcasting the best possible game would result in higher ratings in other neutral markets as well.