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"Quite often" is an understatement.

They're going to be available more often than any out of town team that I can think of ever - by far.

Week 2: Pats play Sunday night; CBS has the doubleheader.
I'm guessing at 1:00 Fox will play Carolina-TB while CBS shows Bills at Dolphins
Late game is Ravens at Houston in the eastern US, KC at Chargers in western US.

Week 3: Pats have an early home game vs the Raiders; Fox has the DH.
The three late games on Fox are Detroit at Arizona, Bucs at Denver and Dallas at Seattle.
Boston area will likely get the Tampa game again.

Week 4: Pats have a late game at KC; CBS gets the DH.
Chargers at Bucs will be telecast in Boston.

Week 5: Tampa Bay plays on Thursday night.

Week 6: Fox has the DH and their only late game is Packers at Bucs.

Week 7: Tampa is at Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Week 8: Tampa plays the Giants on Monday night.

Week 9: Saints at Bucs on Sunday night.

Week 10: Pats play Baltimore on Sunday night; Fox has the DH.
Boston should get Tampa at Carolina early, though western New England will have Eagles at Giants.

Week 11: Bucs are on Monday Night Football.

Week 12: KC at Bucs is the sole game in the late afternoon slot, shown everywhere.

Week 13: The first time all year the Tampa game will not be available in Boston.
It's a bye week for the Bucs.

Week 14: The Pats play Thursday, eliminating a Sunday conflict.
Fox has the DH, so Boston should get the Vikings at Bucs early.

Week 15: Pats are at Miami early, and CBS has the DH.
Tampa plays Atlanta in the early slot, and networks typically refuse to put a single out of town game up against the local team head to head. Unless this game gets flexed, this could be the first Tampa game not available in Boston.

Week 16: Fox has the DH and will air the Bucs in the early time slot.
The Pats play Monday night.

Week 17: So many games get moved around based on playoff implications, it is of almost no use to speculate based on the current schedule. I would think that there is a good chance that Atlanta at Tampa would fall into that category, in which case it will be broadcast in Boston.

By my projections we are looking at 14 to 15 Tampa Bay games being broadcast into the Boston television market.


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I am looking ahead at the schedule to see what games may be available this year for out of town Pats fans.

Week 2: Pats at Seahawks
Sunday Night Football on NBC, 100%

Week 3, Raiders at Pats
CBS single game early; very little nationwide coverage.
Most neutral markets will get either Texans at Steelers or Titans at Vikings.

Week 4, Patriots at Chiefs
Late game will be available 90%, in all markets except northern NY (Bills) and Nevada, northern Cal and Pacific northwest (Raiders).

Week 5, Broncos at Pats
One of five early CBS games, not much coverage other than Rocky Mountain states.

Week 6 - Bye Week

Week 7, 49ers at Patriots
Only other game in this late CBS time slot is KC at Denver. Could be a 50-50 East-West split; more likely an 80% coverage game, other than AFC West markets.

Week 8, Pats at Bills
One of five early CBS/AFC games. Don't expect much coverage outside of upstate New York and New England.

Week 9, Patriots at Jets
Monday Night Football, 100%

Week 10, Ravens at Patriots
Sunday Night Football, 100%

Week 11, Patriots at Texans
One of four early CBS/AFC games.
Neutral markets could receive the Pats, or more likely the Titans at Ravens.

Week 12, Cardinals at Patriots
This could actually get some decent coverage since it is a Fox doubleheader, and this is one of only three early games for them.

Week 13, Patriots at Chargers
One of two late (4:30) games. I have a feeling the primary coverage is going to go to Eagles at Packers though, leaving this game in only SoCal and New England.

Week 14, Patriots at Rams
Thursday Night Football, 100%

Week 15, Patriots at Dolphins
One of six early AFC/CBS games, so it's not going to be available much outside of Florida and New England.

Week 16, Bills at Patriots
Monday Night Football, 100%

Week 17, Jets at Patriots
Week 17 schedules always change based on playoff implications, so coverage will depend on how well the Patriots have played up to this point in 2020. It could be a national game, it could be on only in New England and New York.

With flex scheduling much of this can (and will) change, but for right now out of town Pats fans could be looking at their slimmest pickings to see the Patriots in many years.


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Was going to start an “NFL Games Week 1 Discussion” topic but this one is labelled that way so I’ll put it here.

Looking forward to the kickoff tonight. Will be interesting to see what kind of HFA the champs really have without fans.