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Rodgers in talks with Jets [UPDATE: 'It's my intention to play for the Jets']

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Oct 1st

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Just after midnight, former ESPN host Trey Wingo dropped this nugget on Twitter: “Per sources. Aaron Rodgers and the Jets had conversations today. While nothing is imminent Rodgers is open to the idea of going to NY.”


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This would be blatant tampering against the Jets.

I highly doubt there is anything to this report


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There is no way that hippie weirdo is going to play in New York. Not that him being a hypocrite would shock me but Rodgers taking paychecks from the Johnson & Johnson boys after all his big Pharma stuff would make him look like an even bigger tool.

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They would love to get first round picks and be able to play Love.
They are very impressed by him and say he is ready.
Rodgers going to the Jets could be the best thing fit us puts the spotlight directly on them all season.
Plus hoping they lose multiple young talented players and picks.


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Rodgers thread.
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I don't know why Rodgers would even entertain going to the AFC.

Carr has the right idea.

Rodgers can't get through the NFC.

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Much tougher division? Bills and Phins? Bears, Lions and Vikings are hot garbage. Why would he move on?


I would be shocked in he went to that dumpster fire of a team... Wonder if he called Favre and asked him whats what

@MAC10 btw, this schtick with the mahomie stuff is getting tiresome... might be time to maybe, i dunno, stop being an *******?
Rodgers kinda sensitive and weird so the Jets may be a perfect fit.

It's not a schtick my boy is the ultimate KC fan now


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There's been a lot of speculation that Carr signing with NO means the Jets told him they're going with A-A-Ron

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