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Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo : Cant really respect Patriots offensive style

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Oct 24th

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Sciz Supporter Supporter
For those wondering, Ayanbaloser played a total of 170 defensive snaps this season, a little lower than what Justin Francis and Marquise Cole did for the Pats.
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too bad no one knew who this clown was before his stupid tweets...can't wait to the pats to beat the ratbirds again


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He's a loser like the rest of those rat birds. As if this team or Brady needed anymore motivation after losing to them in that sham of a game earlier this year.

Brady always struggles against the Ravens, but he seemed to figure them out a bit last time. He'll be more motivated then ever to light their asses up



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The funny part is that he started tweeting this stuff during the game.

I said (and tweeted later), compare what Brady, Belichick, Wilfork, etc say about the Ravens with what this jerk off says about the Patriots. Night and day. I respect some members of the Ravens, but he is not one of them.

I sense a whole lot of hurry up next weekend with some plays designed to be run right at Mr. Ayanbadejo.

blackglass3 Supporter Supporter
Good. Let him think it's a gimmick, I hope the entire team agrees with him and takes the Pats lightly.


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Ravens are the oldest team in the league, go super up-tempo ala the Broncos game and they'll be gassed by half time.


Homer Little Supporter
Re: Ravens LB: Patriots a Gimmick Offense

Yes, if the "gimmick" is to balance the run and passing game, use the play action intelligently, and score the most points in the league with the best QB in the league. Then I guess he is right.

I hope we destroy them next week they are no better than the Jets in their attitude.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
What a coincidence. I really can't respect the Ravens' defense. Living on reputation. not able to get them to the Super Bowl.

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Already preparing himself (and the refs) for their probable loss. Hey, the refs couldnt do it, what makes you think you can. Old news buddy, get in line..;)


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i hope more ravens follow suit this week, give BB his ammo b4 the texans are even finished off


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@brendon310 So, you're saying you're afraid you can't keep up, so the Pats should slow down? More importantly, you're still in the league?


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
It always makes me laugh when opponents chirp before or after a game against the Patriots. Arguably the most hated team in the NFL--strictly based on success--and yet you never hear stories like this coming from Patriots players, Brady and Wilfork and Belichick just wouldn't allow it.

This clown will get his next weekend. I'm not scared of the Ravens right now, they've had our number the last few seasons but their defense looks slow right now and their offense basically lived off of three bombs in that Denver game. Let them chirp all they want, they'll see just what the Pats are made of in a week.
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