Raiders Release Clown Brown

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Sep 27th

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This account has been right on alot before lmao. Check the timeline for yourself. Associated with barstool.
The team wouldn't want him on the roster until after tomorrow. They would have 24 hours to make a corresponding roster move after signing him.

And $5m eats up just about all of our cap space and leaves nothing for an emergency.

So I really doubt this... unless they have a way to circumvent all this. Who knows...


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The twitter bio's profile picture is of a DOG. It's a satire account. Are you serious right now? What next, detective, are you going to tell us that The Onion isn't real either?
Don't blame me, it's not my fault that some in this forum are taking it seriously.


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That one at least got some attention from a beat guy:

Kyed responded to it too, you can see in the Patsfans sidebar. No idea who MasterTes is. I do know a few people in real life with blue checks on Twitter and they're not a big deal so it doesn't mean much that this person has it.


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