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Nov 29th

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It's very possible Herbert stays at Oregon. He doesn't have a ton of experience as he was hurt some of last year. He'll have about 29 starts (if healthy all year). That's barely OK these days (still less than most like Trubisky and Maholmes and way less than Mayfield) but still not a lot.

X Factor - his TE, incoming Freshman, brother has committed to Oregon

Gut feeling says Herbert stays in Eugene.


Ochmed Jones

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If jones of duke falls to us on the second round, would bb take him?

I know the 59% completion rate is going to scare off a lot of smart teams, but you have to consider the talent or lack there of on that duke team. Add in the athletic ability and running ability of Jones.

If jones were starting for Alabama, would his stats be comparable to tua’s?


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I honestly wouldn't sleep on Alex Hornibrook. He plays for a big program. Played well against tough competition. Has made some good throws in tight windows. I like his footwork and pocket movement. Connects with other than primary reads. Yeah he can work on a few things such as his weight transfer to generate more velocity but that can be worked on. Out of most of the guys i've seen video of, he actually looks like an NFL quarterback in terms of his drop backs and delivery.
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My biggest issue is our lack of talent. We have the greatest QB to ever play this game and even he is struggling at times to carry this team. The next 1-3 years worth’s of drafts we have to concentrate on getting good players in here, because a rookie QB wouldn’t stand a chance.

Look at what the Chiefs and the rams have done. They got so much talent around that QB it’s harder to fail than it is to succeed.

Look at when Brady started - we didn’t have X amount of weapons but we had a defence that was remarkable.

But in today’s NFL to have a team led by a defence is a very very hard thing to do.

For me personally I’m not looking at QBs until the 2020/2021 draft. We need to bring in young solid talent before we get a QB.

Look at Luck, he was easily the best QB to come out of college since Peyton but they have destroyed him by not giving him A good enough O-line and weapons.

Build the team and then find a QB.


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Did some more reading on Jordan Love. This guy is a Patriot kind of guy. He just screams Patriot. He basically turned Utah State Around. Underdog, overlooked and has built himself up to be a legitimate NFL prospect.

Monson: Utah State’s Jordan Love, a father’s son, is living the dream his dad had for him
Yea he's been through so stuff which is a big + for considering he's where he's at now.

I mentioned this before but his mechanics remind me a bit of Tom too.

Big time Jimmy G vibes although Jimmy stayed hidden until the year he came out & it looks like Love will be a name from day 1.


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I was very impressed by Stidham today at the senior bowl. Can't wait to see him Saturday.


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One of my favorite QBs this year, right after Jones

I watched a lot of auburn this year, not his best but that offense is not right for him, I think he is more suited to a traditional offense and not something with so much option


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I watched a lot of auburn this year, not his best but that offense is not right for him, I think he is more suited to a traditional offense and not something with so much option
Without question...And he balled in it his previous year


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If we draft one, I would guess one of Jackson, Thorsen, Grier or Stidham.

Jones, Haskins, Lock, Murray will be gone too early. If Brady extends, we may not draft one at all but I wouldn't mind using the Lions' high #3 on a shot for either Thorsen or Stidham.

With the physical and mental skills, though, I'm kind of curious how Etling will look in camp. If he's tightened up his mechanics he may surprise.