Predict the Score Contest, Week 1 NE @ MIA

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Hello everyone,

Long suffering Dolphins fan here. I'm also a long time reader of, but first time poster. I find most of you on here to be some of the most reasonable and intelligent football fans around. If you guys welcome opposing fans, including fans of the hated Dolphins more than game week only, I'll join in occasionally when I can add something to the conversation. I only decided to post today to jump in this thread for a moment.

My prediction for tomorrow nite's game:

My guys:20

I long for the time when both of our teams are on top of their game and Pats/FINZ week means a hard fought battle and we're thinking about this game two week's in advance. You guys of course keep your end of the bargain and I can only hope we begin to as well sometime soon. Most importantly, here's to an injury free and hard fought game.


Fans of other teams are most welcome here if they have a clue about professional football and keep it thoughtful. It gets spirited around this board and the moderators do a great job weeding out the unacceptable or disrespectful. Enjoy tonite's game and good luck nailing the score exactly as you predicted.
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