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Post Game Thread Pats @ Bills

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Great win on the road against a divisional opponent. Now we have a 3 game lead in our division!!!

Gronk, Hogan, Tom , Gost and Butler....great games for all of them!!! Now we have a bye and play Seattle next!!!!! Trade deadline is tuesday, wonder if we make any deals.

Let's discuss the game.

7-1 record!!!!!!!!!!


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We went into their house and got the job done!

Now the Pats are 7-1. Beat down the Bills. And we get the bye next week so guys can heal up!
Life is good for the Patriots! AFC East title looks all but wrapped up!

Brady shows the world once again why he is "The Man"!
315 yards passing, 4 TD passes, and of course 0 Ints.

I am very pleased with today's results.
Bills fans will probably find something to moan about, but they just got shown why TB12 is world class!


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i saw a fall from a cliff from brady. he looked 39 going on 50. he didn't even get to complete 70% of his passes. 4tds are fluke because in reality he should've thrown for at least 6tds.

just not good enough in my book. it's time to move on with this old man. it's time for NOTHING BUT A JIMMY G THANG, BRADY~


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Mike Loyko ‏@NEPD_Loyko 8m8 minutes ago
#Patriots Remaining Schedule:
at 49ers
at Jets
at Broncos
at Dolphins

Should be in good shape for home field advantage

Just 2 teams with winning records, and a pretty notable dearth of significant quarterbacks. I'll take it for sure, but it could be hard to know before playoff time how good this pass defense is.


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TB Times is hot off the presses!

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