(Poll): Preferred divisional opponent: Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM

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Sep 27th

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Who is your preferred divisional round opponent for the Patriots?

  • Texans

    Votes: 95 70.9%
  • Ravens

    Votes: 24 17.9%
  • Chargers

    Votes: 15 11.2%

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(Poll): Preferred divisional opponent, Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM

Can't be TN/IND winner, since if they beat HOU they'd go to KC.


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I think KC is somewhat overrated (wins against winning teams: Chargers and Steelers with Hunt and Watkins, a flukie win in Baltimore). BAL or LAC has best chance of ensuring an AFC championship game in Foxboro. There is no doubt we are far better at home this season. Don’t want to play on the road.


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I would go with Houston because they don't have much of an offense outside of Hopkins & I'm assuming Belichick will find a way to take Hopkins out of the game. Although it does concern me that Crennel & BOB know the Pats system very well and will pressure Brady from inside the pocket.

Baltimore won't be intimidated, but they are very one dimensional as well. The Chargers are the most complete of the three teams & would be the toughest opponent. They didn't win 12 games on a fluke.


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Texans. I like the idea of Gilmore on Hopkins. He is such a big part of their team and we happen to have a pro bowler to stick on him. I think their secondary is exploitable too. They are a solid team and obviously pats have to bring the goods, but I'll be rooting for Houston next week for sure.


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ESPN already has LAC at Balt for Sunday 1:00 game. So Indy/Houston will be Saturday. The other 3 games don't have announced time yet, but I'd bet anything Cowboys on Saturday night.


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Texans offense is actually surprisingly mediocre. Their defensive line could give us a lot of problems, however. The Chargers have a lot of weapons on offense but can't seem to put it together - and their defense also has a lot of studs. The Ravens offense on paper is the worst, but it's probably the best against us since our run defense is undisputably below par, compared to our secondary. The Ravens defense - again - probably has less stars, but would play the strongest against us.

I'd prefer the Texans (we could probably shut down Hopkins), then Chargers, then Ravens.
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