Paul Zimmerman/Dr. Z passes away

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Dec 6th

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RIP Dr. Z. I always looked forward to his analysis.

He was the first (or one of the first) to do an NFL “power ranking”. I recall that in the week after Drew Bledsoe was injured and Tom Brady took over as QB for the 0-2 Patriots in 2001, he rated the Patriots in last place and said that he didn’t know if they had enough talent to win even another game. It was a rare miss for Dr. Z, one of the greats! RIP!

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A great scribe. I saw an interesting NFL Films documentary on him some time ago that looked at his very limited life post-strokes. I can't recall who it was that spoke for him but it was very, very well done.


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In the 1986 NFL preview for SI, he nailed all 6 division winners and the Giants/Broncos Super Bowl. He wrote the "The best lineman in NFL history" cover story about Hog Hannah circa 1981. Always looked forward to his stuff. RIP.


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Dr Z spoiled me with his writing ability. When it came to football, the man was beyond great. He was a true wordsmith.

After his stroke, I realized how good he was when I was left with the other sportswriters to fill his void. They just didn't seem to be as pleasurable to read, and so I pretty much stopped reading them.

May the Angels of His Mercy bring solace to all his family and friends.

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A great voice and a trailblazer, as others have noted above, has been lost.
One of my favorite things to do is read the progression of his opinion on Tom Brady in 2001 from skepticism after his first game (I recall that many were skeptical when Bledsoe went down) to growing admiration as the season went on. He always told it like he saw it and wasn't afraid to admit when his opinion changed.

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RIP Dr. Z and condolences to your red-headed wife Linda. I too considered your columns the best, and I even liked the awkward "She Says Z Says" football picks show you did with Brooklyn Decker. It must have been brutal to live as you had to since your stroke 10 years ago. Hopefully you are in a better place now.

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Whether it be a documentary of the 1983 draft or a Football Life of Dan Marino, Zimmerman is shown asking from where Marino will receive the QB coaching he needs. Uh...