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OT: Coaching firings around the league


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A QB room fighting with the OL on the sidelines is a bad look. they've clearly doubled down that Wilson is the guy. Wilson is going to get the GM fired and be a problem for this organization for years. Hackett is better off getting out now.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Serious question : would he be a good candidate for our OC position? I know he sucks as HC but consider HC records of other successful coordinators in NE:

McDaniels, O’Brien, Daboll (best so far?), Weis, Crennel (not awful), Judge, Flores etc…

To me, there is a clear distinction between HC and ability to call plays. Can’t be worse than Patricia.

Big caveat is that it’s hard to attribute his impact on offense when they had Lafleur calling plays in GB


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There are a lot of bad coaches in the league but probably none worse than Hackett. That game against the Rams was just the epitome of a team quitting and giving no effort.


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Waitttt a min. Mayo works under Stevo right? Why aren’t teams knocking down the door to interview him? Hmmm, makes no sense (Sarcasm).

please don’t let Mayo walk
Other teams have to get permission from BB to talk to Steve, which he is not granting, not the same for Mayo. :D

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