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Ordered 3GTG - oddity noted

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Just prompted me to look at my Blu Ray set. It's correctly marked. That's funny that your DVDs were incorrectly marked.


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I thought the Super Bowl LI champions video, a summary of the 2016 Pats season, was better than the three games to Glory set (which was good but not great IMHO). Highly recommended if you dont have it.
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Finally ordered 3G2G DVD from Pats' site. Opened it up and in SB 51 box, but discs all labeled SB 49. I thought I got the wrong discs, but then saw they said Falcons vs Pats. When I played them it was SB 51. We have won so many, people can no longer keep track.

That's going to be worth millions, like a mistakenly engraved silver dollar.

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It would have been, but you opened up the box...:p

But how would he of known?



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They could save some money by just printing the art side "Patriots Champions Super Bowl _____" on a bunch of DVDs.
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