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New Feature - Hiding "Other" Threads in Discussion Bar

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Sep 19th

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For most people here, the Discussion bar I added prior to the last season appears to have been a useful feature in helping people find other threads in the additional forums outside of the football board, which hopefully has been helpful to everyone. But one of the things that's sort of made things tough has been having topics get buried by threads that we may or may not necessarily want to participate in or keep an eye on.

As a result, I spent some time over the past couple of weeks working on addressing this issue and after having run it on my test forum locally, it appears to be ready to use.

The way it works is this, you hit the little menu icon a the bottom of any of the updated thread blocks, or at least the one you might not be interested in, you'd like to hide from the list here:

That will open up a window where you can add that thread to an ignore list where it will be omitted in the list of recent forum posts outside of the football board.

You can also click a link when you open that window that takes you to a list of all the posts you've chosen not to follow. If you've accidentally hidden a thread you'd like to follow, you can remove it from your ignore list there. This list is separate from your normal ignore list:

However, you cannot ignore entire forums. The reason here is there may be times where there's a post you might be interested in, even if you generally don't read posts from that forum. Plus, the goal of having the additional forums is to make discussions outside the main board a little easier to follow and participate in.

But for now, give it a shot and certainly feel free to report any feedback/issues here.


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I like it!
Have you considered adding a scroll over arrow to the Discussion Bar as well?
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I like it!
Have you considered adding a scroll over arrow to the Discussion Bar as well?
There's a scrollbar at the bottom and on mobile, it should allow you to "swipe" right or left also.

But you're right, I'll have to look into adding an arrow that appears on desktop to help move it as well :)