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Dec 6th

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
New England Patriots 53-man Roster Projection 2.0

Steve Balestrieri

Sony Michel looks good, now that he is back on the field and he and Damien Harris are getting more frequent looks in the passing game.

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Pro Bowl Player
QB (2) T.Brady, J.Stidham
RB (6) S.Michel, J.White, J.Develin, D.Harris, R.Burkhead, B.Bolden
WR (6) J.Edelman, N.Harry, J.Meyers, M.Harris, P.Dorsett, M.Slater
TE (1) M.LaCosse
C (2) D.Andrews, J.Ferentz
G (4) S.Mason, J.Thuney, T.Karras, H.Froholdt
T (2) M.Cannon, I.Wynn
DE (5) M.Bennett, D.Wise, C.Winovich, J.Simon, D.Rivers
DT (4) L.Guy, M.Pennel, A.Butler, D.Shelton
ILB(2) J.Bentley, E.Roberts
OLB(4) D.Hightower, K.VanNoy, J.Collins, B.King
CB (7) S.Gilmore, J.McCourty, J.Jackson, J.Williams, J.Jones, D.Dawson, K.Crossen
SS (2) P.Chung, O.Melifonwu
FS (3) D.McCourty, D.Harmon, T.Brooks
ST (3) S.Gostkowski, J.Cardona, J.Bailey

Total players: 53
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I'm OK with 49 of the 53.

IZZO, really? Kendricks, Anderson or a player to be acquired are all better choices.
MYERS is a fine Practice Squad candidate.
FERENTZ should be cut in favor of Skipper or a swing OT to be acquired.
DAWSON or CROSSEN should be replaced by Rivers or even Cowart. 7 CB's is silly.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Most of these 53 man rosters only vary by one or two players and they tend to be the depth guys with most of the starters set ? We can still hope there are one or two trades in the mix for TE and LT
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