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NEW ARTICLE: Five Patriots/NFL Things To Know For Tuesday 2/23

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captain stone

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2) and 3): FUKC OchoStinko. We could've had Marvin Jones with one of the picks Billy THREW AWAY for this sh!t stain.

"Roethlisberger’s not believed to be one of the possible candidates for the Patriots but there are obviously plenty of dominos that still need to fall first. The thought of Roethlisberger in New England isn’t exactly appealing given how he looked at the end of the season. Not to mention that if it reaches the point where they were out of better options, one would have to believe Newton would probably be the more likely option.

Either way, let’s hope it ends up being neither of these two players."


5) Unfortunately, that was Then (2000-2001 offseason with Bledsoe at QB), but this is Now (Scam & Stid?)
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