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NEW ARTICLE: Five Patriots/NFL Things to Know – News and Notes For 2/19

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captain stone

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1) Not trading for Scaryota's contract...If he's released, then cool I guess...

2) I ass-ume that Skippy did some research on Wentz before he interviewed with the Jeff & Howie Show...He must not have liked what he saw...Time will tell if his evaluation was correct...

3) I just want Watson OUT of the AFC...not even the Donkeys...Fukc Horse Mouth Elway...

4) Release the Squirrel? Yes...Release SoreKnee? No.

5). I hope that the Pats & Lawrence Guy are having similar conversations.

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Hats off to Ian for keeping content pumping out all off-season, bringing us the closest thing to knowing something as the off-season grinds on!

Thanks for all you do