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Lance Kendricks cut, Obi Melifonwu to Practice Squad.

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The FRG has a little ****
Cutting DT would have sent an interesting message to the rest of the league given how he waited patiently and played ball with them and how often this team goes to the 'aging former star' well.
Are you implying BB made a sentimental decision instead of what is better for the team? Blasphemy!!!


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Glad to see Obi made it back to the PS.

Wonder if they’ll bring Bodine back since they have an open roster spot?

Kenneth Sims Supporter Supporter
If “time in the system “ was the only reason they swapped out Bodine for Ferentz last week, they would have already swapped them again by now to get Bodine back in the building working with the coaches studying the playbook.

They’ve moved on from Bodine at this point. They might go back to him at some point but not now. I’m sure they’re looking at all their options, but my guess is it’s most likely they bring in OL Marshall Newhouse who they worked out yesterday to provide depth with Cannon likely missing some time.

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Based upon the facts that ObiWon has youth, size, speed & unknown upside on defense; whereas the old rugby player has absolutely none of those qualities...and Matty LaCost just plain feckin sucks.

Obi has shown no particular ability to play his position to this point in his career, so why would "upside" about future years be definitive at this point?. Ebner has shown an ability to play his role at a quality level.

And LaCosse is much younger than Kendricks, with better production last year. Kendricks is 31 years old, and has shown indications of decline, at least in terms of his production.

Your preferences are your own, and I don't begrudge you them, as you know. But you're reasoning, in this case, is extraordinarily weak.
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