How has nobody signed Dez Bryant

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Oct 25th

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Can't get open, not very smart, headache in the locker room.


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He’s cooked and would have been a poor fit here regardless.


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He can’t separate at all. From all reports he was never a student of them game. Now that his skill has eroded he isn’t good enough to play in the league.


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I was hoping Harry could become a similar type of player to Dez. Now I'll duck as things get thrown at me. :)


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Has Dez finally announced the opportunity for teams to get into a bidding war? I mean, we’re heading into week 14. Maybe he’s just waiting until Xmas morning.

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The guy tore his Achilles tendon late last year. I doubt he's ready to come back yet.


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Are there any wide receivers available who go out of their way to respect women? If so, that’s who we should be targeting.

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Because he's old and slow. We appear to have that covered...

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Now that the AB thread has disappeared, its twin brother, the Dez thread, rears its very ugly head.


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Shouldn't the Pats bring him in for a workout? What do they have to lose at this point

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Maybe he doesn't suck

He's 31, clearly not as explosive as he was earlier in his career, coming off a terrible injury for a WR, needed his college offense simplified for him, hasn't played since 2017, had catch percentages of 43, 52 and 52 in his last three seasons played and doesn't play special teams. Do you honestly think he could do something better than the guys we already have?