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Hello from Chile

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Hello everybody

I'm David from Chile. I wasn't sure if i wrote before here, so if yes, i excuse myself and present again.
( excuse the provably broken english.. please)
Btw the Doctor Dice nickname is because i collect dice.

Me and my brother will be in Boston area for a one in a lifetime travel thru the US. Around september 18 to october 3. ( we hope to travel to NY, Atlanta and miami a few days each)

Thanks a lot, and i've been lurking here a lot of time ( years by now)


Pro Bowl Player
Welcome David! Enjoy your stay! Most people(including me) don't scroll down to the bottom to see the new member's area. If you're looking for tips and advice for while you're in the US be sure to make a thread in the main Patriots forum.

Enjoy your stay on patsfans! :)


Thanks a lot
We will be at the Gillette on September 22 against the Jests
Well it seems now that there's a chance we can go to the Bills game too, so..yes... we will need some help probably xD
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