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Good article about Bob Cousy at 95 Years Old

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Sep 24th

jimnance Supporter Supporter
Cooz! Lotta hoops fans don't understand the full impact he had on the game.
He is one of the alltime greatest point guards who revolutionized the position.
He's the 1st nba player known to ever dribble behind his back and between his legs- never to showboat but because in a crucial moment it became the only way to keep control of the ball and shake a defender.
How many players in nba history can you say actually revolutionized a position?
There's arguably no one in the nba now you can say that about.
Jordan, Magic, Bird. That's pretty much the entire list.
You can make a case for Shaq, Steph,LeBron and Earl the Pearl Monroe but that's about it.
Always a humble,down to earth guy with a sense of humor but a guy who never tolerated injustice.

Boston Boxer

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great guy (his wife too). I used to work for Keating Enterprises Inc (landscaping) in Worcester while in high school and college. We used to mow his lawn and plow/shovel his property on Shrewsbury St.. His wife always came out and thanked us every week when we were there and he did as well when he was home. Really nice people

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