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DRAFT Christian Gonzalez

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Sep 24th


Pro Bowl Player
This feels like the Patriots just stole one of the best cornerbacks in the draft.

For what it's worth in terms of size/athleticism, Gonzalez is an absolute freak according to RAS.



Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Just amazing, I LOVE this pick. He was my favorite corner all along. Never thought he’d get to 14, let alone 17. I can’t even put into words how happy I am. The draft really had some shocking picks that led up to us getting González. So happy that it fell this way. The Pats actually did the right thing, the smart thing. Didn’t reach, actually got a steal. Wow !!


Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
Prototype build - size, athleticism and skillset. One of the younger prospects in the class at 20 I believe. Father was an athlete that played college ball.

Plus man match/mirror ability. He's very comfortable and impressive using the sideline. Attacking the stem, breaks when a WR is vulnerable. Very smart prospect that's always cool and poised. Great understanding on how to impede a WR without drawing a flag and attacking when they have to stop, adjust or re/stem. Plus man corner that's got above average size but smooth as anything. Very fluid prospect. Tough patient on the line that let's his length do the job when pressing.

Not only does he do a great job playing a WR tendencies and weak points he's always looking, scanning the QB and behind the los for what's coming. Again very smart player that can jump, bait and close off space. Nightmare to deal with on bang bang plays bc his size, speed, length and change of direction. His footwork is plus all around from pedal to in phase that's the thing that really allows him to stay bouncy and stay with any WR. Fluid hips but not oily, great feet. Footwork could improve in zone staying foot firing.

Plus all around on vertical routes. Plays man over ball though. Needs to improve turning and locating. Takes the safe play.

Played ST.

Coaches love him. Hes quiet, tough, versatile and smart. Will never give you any problems!

He's not DeeboSpoon when it comes to tackling. Main issue is angles he takes but he could use his length more. As he uses too much body at times and not enough utilizing his length. He's improved each year though especially in 22.

Trajectory is pointing upward. Tape wasn't great at Colorado but very good on everyones radar. Followed his DB coach to Oregon and took off. He's got 30 starts and has improved in several different areas the past two years. Athleticism shows up all over the place. He can accelerate, stop and start and has plenty of long speed.

He's got the ability to be a big man eraser as well as a true shut down top 10 CB that can play anyone. I love this pick, my CB1 and CB1 on PTP Board.

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