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Bedard: Grier is next in line if Mac fails this week

Here's a few of Perry's thoughts:

Phil Perry on 98.5 said:
Pats are simplifying the offense again.

Mac has been "a little bit better" at practice early this week where he was not good the last two weeks.

If Mac loses his job to Will Grier... will he have the same career trajectory as Case Keenum or Brock Osweiler? Journeyman backups who may or may not get another chance to start sometime?

Team is not clamoring to go to Grier he's not getting a lot of snaps in practice but might have no choice if this continues.

Mac will have a very short hook on Sunday.

Mac understands the pressure is on. This is his chance to save his career.

Might be true that Mac is in an unfair situation and not set up to succeed.... bad OL, bad coaching and nothing at WR...but he's not the first QB prospect to be in that situation and flame out... and other teams were still not eager to give those QB's another shot so it's not likely Mac will get a second chance himself with another team even if he was put in an unfair situation...
Not sure what a "little bit better" means but I guess that's encouraging? Sort of?

The last one is a great point. His seat is red hot and he might not get the season for the team to decide on his option. I'm glad he realizes that.

Sounds like the team has a very low opinion of Mac right now and even lower of Zappe.
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Put Mac on the practice squad ... put out the trash ...

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Makes sense. It has been about 3 weeks since Grier was signed to the roster, he should have an OK grasp of the playbook by this point. Grier is average at best throwing the ball, but has decent mobility. If Mac continues to fail, or even just fails to look better than below-average, I could see the team pivoting to Grier and implementing a scheme that highlights his movement and propensity to scramble a bit more - which could then also be a fit for Cunningham later in the season, should they wish to start giving him a look with more QB reps as the weeks go on.

I doubt any of the above gets them too many wins though. Maybe against lesser teams. Not gonna beat Buffalo, Miami or KC with that scheme.
Whoopie! We can go 5-12 instead of 3-14! LOL. Not sure there's much that can alter the fate of this franchise at this point.

Raiders game upcoming is huge. If we can't win that one, we could easily fall to 1-7 before we see our 2nd win of the season.
I always thought Brady's arm was so underrated. As a catcher and MLB draft pick at that position there was no way he would even be looked at by anyone at any level of that sport without a rifle for an arm...

It makes me wonder how they measure arm strength. Radar gun? Eye test? Distance? If you watch some of those games in 2006/07 before TB12’s knee injury it was actually hard to track the ball when watching on tv.

Guys like Jay Cutler come into the league and there’s all this hype about arm strength but I didn’t see anything that made me gawk. I mean, yes, clearly he could throw a hard, fast ball, but was it really so much faster than Brady? The main thing with Brady was the confidence to let it rip 100% into tight coverage late in the game. The KC 2018 AFCCG in 2018 is the best highlight of this.
Who gives a damn? The offensive line and receivers are garbage. Zeke is washed up (and we gave up potential developing talents to have him).
He failed
Grier was not active so Bedard's sources were completely wrong. How someone like Bedard can report on a team for so many years and have no sources seems odd to me.
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Yeah this was a swing and a miss by Bedard.

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