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NEW ARTICLE: Mac Jones Needs Some "Mac Moments" For the Patriots in 2023 Article

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Sep 10, 2007
Mac Jones Needs Some "Mac Moments" For the Patriots in 2023
Ian Logue
The New England Patriots will go as far as Mac Jones can take them in 2023, and for that to happen, the former Alabama quarterback needs to take a significant step forward from how he played last season.

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Mar 3, 2017
The terminology we apply in evaluating qb's is kind of a nebulous mess: serviceable, franchise quarterback, elite qb, NFL starter, "won't lose you a game but...", and so on. Maybe simple generic English is preferable, since there is a clearer consensus as to the meanings of such words. How about: Mac has demonstrated that he is a competent nfl quarterback. He has not, that is demonstrated much. Beyond such a reasonable presumption of competence, we know little to nothing. He did do unusually well his first year. He did far less well his second year, but that was almost entirely because of his head coach's asininity in chosing a couple of his buddies rather than actually qualified coaches, so that we learned essentially nothing about Mac either on the upside or on the downside. He did complain about the mess in which he found himself. Good for him. Who wouldn't? The net is that we don't know whether Mac is good enough or not, and for that we have the head coach to blame. If we learn little this year, it will be because Mac is burdened with such subpar teammates that we still can't tell what he might be. That of course, is the fault of the GM. Two birds, one stone.

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