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PostGame Thread 2023 Week 2: Patriots Lose to Dolphins 24-17

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Oct 8th

Immediate Postgame Reactions

Sam Bam Cunningham

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
The team is what we thought they would be. Right now in last place in the division.
Next week at the Jets will be tough. 0-3 is a real possibility here.


Huh? Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
So - haven't reviewed the GDT, but I'll take a shot:

-Mac sucks and he is to blame
-BB the GM screwed us over
-The season is over
-Is not! Is too! Is not! Is too!
-We need to just tank for (Insert Flavor of the Month here)



Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Barmore did what tonight? On the radio, Zo ragged on Godchaux a number of times. It was deserved. Big contract and didn’t make plays tonight.


Staff member
Absolute ******** overturn at the end. No idea how they could reverse that. No guarantee the Pats would go on to score, but it's ridiculous that they did not even get the opportunity.
I saw other calls on Sunday that were more obvious that were ruled not enough to overturn. I would say, that play certainly would fall into that category.

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