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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Quick Thoughts After the Patriots’ 24-17 Loss to the Dolphins

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Sep 24th Article

Pro Bowl Player
MORSE: Quick Thoughts After the Patriots’ 24-17 Loss to the Dolphins
Mark Morse
Speed Kills – Miami has 4 players on Offense that run in the 4.3’s 40- yard dash. Tyreek Hill, Raheem Mostert, Devon Achane and Jaylen Waddle are also quick. Waddle didn’t run a 3-cone drill and Achane was just over the 7.00 mark at 7.05. Hill ran a lightning quick 6.56 and Mostert was 6.90.

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captain stone Retired Jersey Club
"3) Four of the five starters on the Offensive Line had no snaps with the team in the Pre-season. How could they possibly react as a cohesive unit? Cole Strange blew a blocking assignment when he double teamed the Nose Guard with Center David Andrews and allowed the MLB David Long a free rush up the middle for a sack. That stopped the Patriots’ momentum on the drive and they had to punt.
4) Vederian Lowe didn’t join the team until cut-down day, in a trade with Minnesota. This is because Bill Belichick failed to secure an adequate starting tackle in the last three drafts. Instead, he takes three Defensive players in the first three rounds. They are going to be good, but it was not what we desperately needed..."

- The offensive Line was Horrible last night. Just ****ing Horrible. Both OTs were trash; and Strange69 was clueless & helpless... It was his whiff on what turned out to be their last play from scrimmage that forced Mac to throw short of the sticks; little wonder then that he was available to catch Gesicki's lateral... The running attack was also Impotent, Again.

"6) Pop Douglas is benched because he fumbled, killing the second Patriots drive deep in the Dolphins territory. Despite the less than honest answer Belichick gave at the post-game press conference, he benched Douglas to teach him a lesson of how important ball security is... So, Belichick cuts off his nose to spite his face by taking away the one receiver with any juice on the team. No receiver averaged 10 yards or more because the Patriots couldn’t throw the ball downfield. This is due to lack of protection by the Offensive Line."

- I think we all saw that fumble coming even before it happened... Pop was barred from the offense but yet was allowed to catch those punts so dangerously? Weird.

"7) Why wasn’t DaVante Parker benched for his lackluster effort allowing Xavien Howard to re-route him out of bounds and make a terrific interception. Mr. Velcro can’t separate from any DB, never mind one that is as good as Howard. Of the 12 Interceptions Mac Jones threw last season and this, five have been attempts to throw to Parker. The Patriots should have cut Parker and used the savings to re-sign Jakobi Meyers. They also should not have signed JuJu Smith-Schuster..."

- Agreed; and Mac sucks when throwing deep into coverage, absolutely ****ing Sucks.
Bill should've re-signed Meyers instead of signing SS; then he should've signed Hopkins and told Dorothy Parker to take a pay CUT or GTFO.

"9) The Patriots inability to run the ball is killing them and it won’t be any easier next week. The Jets possess what many consider the best defensive line in the league. The Patriots managed just 88 yards rushing and are under a 4.0 average. Again, that points back to Offensive line inconsistency, lack of cohesion, playing time together."

- Another factor worth noting: our big/old RBs look So...Dam...Slow... But that's bound to happen when you give-away your fastest one...

"10) I thought Mac Jones played well despite the issues going on around him. He needs to read the defense better pre-snap. He should have read the blitz and changed the play. He did that in the third quarter and ran a play right into Christian Wikins for a tackle for loss. In the fourth quarter he read the blitz correctly and threw a slant for a 10-yard gain. Four sacks is too many. The Van Ginkel sack was a complete mess up. Henry chipped Van Ginkel right into the middle of the chest of Calvin Anderson. Knocking him off stride and allowing Van Ginkel a free run at Jones."

- Yeah we saw some good things from Mac, but not enough of them nor consistently enough. He of all the league's QBs needs a perfect OL in order for him to accomplish anything, but in fact he's receiving the Opposite.

"13) Speaking of Dugger, why did the Patriots have him at single high safety? He is not fast enough for that position. The Patriots were shutting out the Dolphins in the second half with some good adjustments on the edges. Miami busted a run up the middle and Dugger took the wrong angle and allowed the fast Mostert a long game winning TD."

- Yep. Repeat after us, everyone: Uncle Dugg is NOT A FREE SAFETY, BILL, AND NEITHER ARE PEPPERS OR PHILLIPS.

"14) Bryce Barringer continues to punt well, averaging 48 yards a kick. His 1st three kicks were to the 15-, 7- and 8-yard lines...."

- His first punt Sucked. It should've been closer to Miami's 5 than 15.

TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
Despite limited offensive weapons and a leaky OL, Mac’s passer rating is about the same as the ratings for Lawrence and Mahomes.

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