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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Week 2 Report Card In The 24-17 Loss To Miami

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Oct 8th Article

Pro Bowl Player

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
C+ for the QB, tops... His 5.5 yards/attempt were even Lower than last week's sub-standard average!

Agree with the grades for the RBs, WRs & TEs.

F for the offensive Line. Absolutely ****ing pitiful.

Agree with the grades for DL & DBs... This defensive line really kinda sucks too; Where the **** were "Captain"(snicker) Dee Wise & "Break-out player" Christian Barmore? ****ing invisible the both of them, as usual... And Davon doGchow is a straight-up ****ing Thief.

No better than C- for the LBs.

D for the coaching; not even a D+ here.

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