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  1. the Patriot

    bspn has lost 4 million subscribers in the last year

    That's what happens when you quit being journalists and elect yourself Goodell's propaganda mouth. NFL network is more critical of Goodell than ESPN.
  2. the Patriot

    Peyton Manning "cleared" by NFL in HGH Scandal...

    He had HGH sent to his house. To his HOUSE!!! :mad:
  3. the Patriot

    Brady's Original Legal Team Screwed Up

    No it wasn't. The Wells Report only said that Brady refused to turn over his phone. At the appeal hearing, Brady's lawyers told the NFL for the first time that the phone had been destroyed and the data was no longer retrievable (except for the record of text message recipients). It leaked to the...
  4. the Patriot

    Brady's Original Legal Team Screwed Up

    At the appeal hearing with Goodell, Brady's lawyers told Goodell that Brady got rid of his phone the day he was interviewed by Wells. Goodell then used this information against Brady to sway public opinion back toward the NFL. I agree with everything else you said. It was still a dumb move to...
  5. the Patriot

    Brady's Original Legal Team Screwed Up

    They screwed up the worst when they thought it was a good idea to tell the NFL that Brady destroyed his cell phone at the appeal hearing on the day he met with Wells. You can argue the cell phone is irrelevant. You can't possibly argue it was a savvy move to voluntarily disclose that...
  6. the Patriot

    Alan Millstein: Brady's chances of en banc hearing dramatically improved with latest amicus filings

    I want to be as optimistic as possible. En banc decisions set a stronger precedent than normal decisions, correct? So even judges who want to ultimately rule in the NFL's favor may vote to hear this case in order to settle the matter. Yes? Maybe? Four games is ridiculous.
  7. the Patriot

    Kensil transferred -

    The timing of this report is interesting. Looks like they didn't want to draw any attention toward Kensil during the judicial proceedings.
  8. the Patriot

    Drew Brees Defends Brady

    Saints got railroaded worse than we did tbh. Can you imagine if Belichick was suspended for a year? Had they found one shred of dirt on him, that's exactly what would have happened.
  9. the Patriot

    How can Brady be so quiet?

    Aren't we being a bit dramatic? (1) There is a faction of jealous NFL fans who will always believe the Patriots are cheaters. (2) This ruling was not a pronouncement of guilt. In fact, in order to win, the NFL basically had to argue that its investigation didn't have to be objective or fair. (3)...
  10. the Patriot

    NFL Owners wants Goodell to reduce 4 game suspension and end Deflategate once and for all.

    The only way I see this happening is if Brady is granted an appeal en banc. Then the offer is two games, drop the appeal, no strings attached. But Brady won't take it. :D
  11. the Patriot

    The NFL's investigation into Manning's (alleged) HGH use

    We're all biting our nails on this one.
  12. the Patriot

    In a state of shock

    Judges are more professional than the league office.
  13. the Patriot

    Tom Brady suspended again

    Probably. But they're more so looking for important issues of law. A bad arbitration ruling by itself is not gonna get a second look by the Supreme Court.
  14. the Patriot

    Tom Brady suspended again

    He can appeal to the Supreme Court, but they only agree to hear a handful of cases each year.