Would a Football Roger Clemens Help the Pats?

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    I've been thinking about the linebacking group (maybe obsessively) because barring an injury to, say, Brady, it's the only area that seems even remotely like a potential weakness.

    Most agree that the Pats will bring in some veteran linebacking help, such as Seau. The problem there, it seems, is that veterans oftentimes having trouble staying healthy & upright for a full season. So, the question is, would the Pats consider pulling a Clemens with Seau or someone similar? That is, bring a guy in as late as possible to allow him to get settled in the rotation, but not have him around so long as to get hurt? Seems to me there's no question this team has a strong regular season, but nobody's going to be happy without a championship. So we bolster the roster late, alleviating any weakness that might stem from a tiring linebacking group. Genius!
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    That's all up to Seau. If he wants to sit tight for half the year, not play football until November, than it is a slam dunk move.

    My guess is that if Seau wants to play at all, he wants to be there opening day.
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    I wonder. At this point, a vet like that has played so long, the ring is all that's lacking. If the Pats come calling and he's (or someone similar) are in the shape to play, I doubt he wouldn't pull the trigger.
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    This is an interesting strategy regarding someone like Seau. Wonder how BB feels about this, as I was always under the impression that he liked having everyone in camp.

    On the other hand, can he platoon Seau enough to keep him fresh, and would that be something Seau would like?

    Then the other consideration is with a cap on roster size, can BB afford to platoon certain players?
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