Willie signing effect on Adam

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  1. SVN

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    Do you guys think the fact that pats didnt even talk to willie could effect adam signing elsewhere or here.? we know its a business but they way its being percieved willie was treated maybe it effects people who want to stay here or come here.
    Thoughts ?
  2. brisby51

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    I think all this respect stuff is overrated, IMHO it really all comes down to the money.
  3. mgcolby

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    I don't believe Milloy and Law affected who stayed and went. There is obviously a perception that the Pats are cheap, but winning truly affects who comes not so much as who stays. You can't blame a guy like Givens when he goes after the money, the guy is 7th round pick who worked his way up to the 2 slot within 4 years and won 2 rings. This contract gives or should give him financial security for the rest of his life. Same with Willie it was his first shot at the open market and at his age 4 mil is like hitting the lottery.
  4. BelichickFan

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    Given that it's not true about the Patriots not talking to Willie's camp (and Belichick to Willie himself) I doubt it makes any difference.
  5. stcjones

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    you are 100% right.....

    It really has nothing to do with anything other than the almight dollar at this point. There is no "do what is best for the team"....or do what it takes so "I" can stay with the team....(unless you are Tom Brady).....IT is all about WHO is going to give me the most to play there........good post
  6. brisby51

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    Someone else who sees things like I do.
  7. smg93

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    Sorry, SEMI OT:

    I think you are right when people think about the Pats as not willing to pay for high profile FA's and the like. There are exceptions of course but even when they brought in Rodney it wasn't like they broke the bank or anything. After reading about this perception for a while now and this has nothing to do with mgcolby's post specifically but just the perception in general, I think that perception is unwarranted. Perhaps the average fan who only knows the big names would tend to think the team is "cheap". But if you went about and asked the "middle class" of this team, I think they would say that the Pats were actually pretty generous.

    The Pats have an established core who they pay handsomely like Brady and Seymour. But as has been written about over and over again, they do they have strong middle class because they pay them better than say the Redskins who are willing to pay top dollar for FA stars. It's all about wanting to put your money in the right places. The great analogy to that is this country. It's been so successful in the last few decades because the back bone of its economy is a strong middle class. Even in so called Third World countries, there are people who are just as wealthy as the people in the Forbes list of Billionaires. The difference between the economies of the "developed world" and the "under developed economies" is a strong middle class. Perhaps that's the secret to Patriot success as well.
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  8. Fanfrom1960

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    So do we start worrying about a certain sixth round pick that plays quarterback? That guy could be the top paid player in the entire league. I don't get the "he worked his way up from nothing to prominence so now he gets more greedy theory". Once you become established at a certain level, or perceived level, where you came from goes out the window.
  9. fgssand

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    The "strong middle class" IS the reason we have been and will continue to be so successful. You cannot sign everybody, we sign our "core" and reward the rest with decent paychecks for all. It WORKS people, we have 3 Superbowl rings and will be gathering several more as the dynasty rolls on.
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  10. mgcolby

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    I am not saying it is right or wrong I am just simply saying I can understand why he would take it. He might not get anther shot at big money or the chance to be a number 1. He wouldn't have had that option in NE, unless they let Branch walk after next season. Brady could have easily walked into the front office and demanded to be the highest paid player in the league, fortunately for us he didn't. But there is a huge pay gap between the 10 mil average that Brady got compared to the 5 mil that Givens signed. It isn't the same.

    Also here is what Givens had to ponder:

    New England 17.5 over 5 years and be the Solid number 2 reciever most likely for the entire contract

    Titans 24.5 over 5 seasons and have the chance to compete with the expectation of being the number 1 receiver.

    He already has won 2 SB's and the Titans could be a legitimate SB contender within the next 3 seasons. It doesn't sound like greed to me, it sounds more like doing what is best for David Givens and his own personal career development.

    If you were an assistant manager and a competing company offered you $15,000 more a year and the management position, would you not take it, or would you stay out of loyalty to the company?

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