Wickersham: Belichick will win Coach of the Year

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ice_Ice_Brady, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Ice_Ice_Brady

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  2. Tunescribe

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    Great analogy, but Goodell is one mean state cop issuing a $500,000 speeding ticket.
  3. MoLewisrocks

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    He's the coach of the decade, but there will be a lot of rationalizers who will want to see RAC get it if Cleveland makes the playoffs, or Son of a Bum get it if Romo doesn't come unglued, or McCarthy get it if Brett gets them to the Superbowl and Brady gets the league MVP, and there are always the Dungyophiles who will pontificate about what he did to keep an injury plagued team on pace...

    70 in a 45 is a great analogy for videogate, though.
  4. Rawky77

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    Never happen! all the soulless talking heads would have to commit mass suicide on the air.
  5. BionicPatriot

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    I don't blame anyone for being torn. How can you not like Crennel? He has brought the Browns from a joke into an AFC north contender. But how the ehllc an you deny 16-0 if it happens? I realize the difference in teams but it's just flat out no denying that. That's something we'll never see for some time to deny it is crazy IMO.
  6. BelichickFan

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    The fact that they've beaten one team that's over .500 explains the Browns. This isn't an issue, if we win the last two then Belichick is the Coach of the Year - whether he wins the award or not.
  7. Truck

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    I think its tough to vote against BB. Every year there is a coach or two who causes his team to overachieve and make the playoffs. Never has there been a coach that led a team to 16-0.
  8. Mogamedogz

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    I love RAC... The Brownies are ranked dead last in Defense, and that includes last weekends shut out of Buffalo in the snow.

    Allot RAC's success has to go to the quality of players he has on offense.

    Anderson, Edwards, Winslow Jr., Lewis, Joe Thomas, Steinbach...

    The only person I think has a legitimate case (outside of Belichick) is Mccarthy.
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  9. mgteich

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    It's easy to vote for someone else. It is a matter of production compared to expectations. It is a matter of doing the most with what you have.

    Consider this. If Romeo and Bill switched the day after the draft, who would be where. Would the patriots have HFA? Would the Browns be headed for the playoffs?

    The patriots were one of the three best teams in football going into the offseason. Many returned from IR. We added Moss, Welker, Morris, Thomas and Brady. With respect, Pees (or Josh) would have won the division and had us in the playoffs. In fact, we discussed this possibility when it seemed possible that Belichick might be suspended.

    So, Belichick is not the MVP this year. He didn't do the most with the least. Look to the Browns and Buffalo for the AFC coach of the year.

  10. Ochmed Jones

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    I think McCarthy should be coach of the year hands down.

    However I do think BB should be executive of the year (front office) for the tremendous team he has put togehter this year.
  11. sieglo

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    When you're the football equivalent of the chairman of Nokia, I guess that isn't surprising:

    $100k+ Speeding Ticket

  12. captain stone

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    I agree. It would surprise me if BB is voted C of the Y. There are probably some, if not many, writers who will not vote for him at all. If Romeo or McCarthy win, I'm cool with that; if SonofaBum or Dungheap win, I am not cool with that.

    Darkhorse: Del Rio
    Sleeper: Childress
    Longshot: Kubiak, Gruden, Jauron
  13. vyrago

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    Finally, a reason to be happy I'm poor: I can speed in Finland with virtual impunity.
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