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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mayoclinic, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Devine is Darren sproles 2.0. I like Anthony Davis for us.
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    Pierre-Paul looks to be this year's Aaron Maybin, and I'd be fine with him. He certainly exemplifies the Tall, Fast, Rangy OLB that BB was talking about after last year's draft.
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    The Aaron Maybin comparison is an interest one. Maybin and Pierre-Paul are quite different in several ways, but the comparison strikes me as a very good one.

    Jason Pierre-Paul is taller (6'6" vs. 6'4"), bigger (265 lbs. vs. 250, though Maybin played at more like 225-230 in college), stronger, and faster (rumored 4.6, should be faster than the 4.89 that Maybin put up at the combine, which was probably affected by the 25 lbs. he put on in 6 weeks) than Maybin. But Maybin was more polished as a pass rusher.

    Like Maybin, Pierre-Paul appears to be someone who is still growing in to his body. He has rare athletic gifts, but he seems awkward and gangly and frequently plays off balance. He often appears to play slower than his timed speed would suggest because of this.

    Like Maybin (who has recorded 14 tackles and 0 sacks so far this year for Buffalo), I think Pierre-Paul would benefit from staying in school another year and learn how to use his physical skills. Like Maybin, I expect him to come out early. And, like Maybin, someone will jump on him too early because of his rare physical skills.

    Pierre-Paul may have the most upside of any DE/OLB currently eligible for the draft, but at this point I would prefer Greg Romeus, Jeremy Beal, Austen Lane and Greg Hardy. I'd be ok with Pierre-Paul any time from the late 2nd round on, but not earlier.
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    The guy on this list that strikes me as somebody BB might be interested in is Byham. He can block and catch, if he runs well at the combine, BB should consider him on day 2, especially if Watson leaves.

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