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    Jacky Roberts 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    What disappoints me is I thought Vinaturncoat was a different type of athlete who was smart enough to know what he had. Playing for a perennial Super Bowl team in a large market with several marketing opportunities outweighed the opportunity to make a couple extra hundred grand on a contract. Obviously I was wrong, this guy is just another money grabber like Ty Law, Johnny Damon, Roger Clemens, and Mo Vaughn. Thanks for the memories, Adam, but I am going to boo your ass this year when your new team comes to Foxboro.

    ps- When will Sinden, er, Belichick actually use his money to sign the 'right' guy? If they money this kicker signed for wasn't that far off from what the Patriots offered, this "In Bill We Trust" thing is just a joke and we are kidding ourselves.

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