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  1. NYCPatsFan

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    Not sure if this has been addressed earlier:

    Considering that SD has natural grass, do you think we will be at a disadvantage?

    I do not know if we might have by now got quite used to the crisp footing of our artificial turf and as a result, might be sluggish in a regular field...I hope not but wonder what others think.
  2. unoriginal

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    I certainly hope our players haven't forgotten how to run.
  3. BelichickFan

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    Grass should be in good shape, we'll be fine. If it were a crappy field like dirt that might be different.
  4. Remix 6

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    how would they? didnt we run in crappy fields against Titans?
  5. Seymour93

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    They need to be able to play on any kind of field, particularly grass. Miami's stadium has a grass surface.
  6. unoriginal

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  7. richpjr

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    The field was chewed up pretty bad from the two bowl games played over the holidays, so they just re-sodded the field.
  8. TomBradyWoot

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    I believe the Chargers installed the same turf we have at the start of the season.
  9. NYCPatsFan

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    I thought BB mentioned in an interview that it was natural and that a portion of the centre was recently redone/sodded.
  10. richpjr

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    The turf at Qualcomm is natural, not artificial.
  11. shakadave

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    NYC, I for one think you have a point. It might not be a huge factor, but it could be a factor. Brady is great at home and great on turf, so where else can his losses come? Away grass.
  12. NYCPatsFan

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    Thanks. I hope that this is not a big deal and is just one of the many insignificant things that I start to get worried about a day before the game.

    I am rooting for the Pats to pull it off whether they play on grass, mud, concrete, artificial turf, water or air!

    Go PATS!
  13. SDBlueBear

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    guys, guys, guys...

    the turf in san diego is natural grass, and it's one of the best natural fields in the league. madden has talked about it this year nurmerous times while on sunday night games. we play superbowls in this stadium. the weather here has been chilly for us, but the perfect level of moist evenings and dry days for turf to take root and fill in.

    you can say that our team is over-rated... you can call our guys roid-heads... you can call our fans shallow and insincere... and you can mock us for sitting in traffic all the time, and hangin out with bubble-headed bleach-blondes...

    but, please, please do not mock our ability to grow grass!!! this is so cal man!!! we know a thing or two about growing good grass :D

    just having a lil fun... good luck tomorrow, your boys will be fine on the turf... it will be getting up from it that hurts!! ;)

    see ya' on the field soon...
  14. SoonerPatriot

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    Actually, the Chargers don't play Super Bowls on that field. Other teams do.
  15. SDBlueBear

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    that's actually really effing funny... :D
  16. shirtsleeve

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    I promise, I will never ever ever make fun of hanging out with the absolute smokin! hotties that your town dishes up. EVER! As I have said before, your pigs are 10X better than most of our hotties. If this was a contest of hot women, your town would be in the super bowl with Tampa Bay every year!

    And we would be in contention with Buffalo and Cleveland for the first pick in the draft.....:(
  17. SDBlueBear

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    i tell ya' dude, it's the truth. if we lose tomorrow it will suck a whole ton for a whole bunch of reasons... (weak-ish schedule this year, overall team health, homefield, bye week, LT's prime(?))... BUT, IF we lose, so be it man... on Monday i'll be slackin off from work either way, and i'll have my choice to play golf at torrey pines for 50 bucks (home of us open in '08), or going surfin off swamis... and later that day, i'll be in the gym with a whole slew of hot so cal chicks...

    if we win, life is grand - if we lose, life is still great.

    good luck to all tomorrow... let's hope the refs or injuries play no part in the outcome...
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