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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ginachen, Feb 28, 2006.

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    I don't know, I suppose it could be. It is a Porsche after all.
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    I saw the Matt Light thing on NESN, the skeet shooting charity event. Pretty cool event, different. Brady was there so if this girl was there, you know how the girls stalk Brady, I see no reason why it wouldn't be his car.

    Cayenne Turbo Porsche. Nice Ride at around 85,000 to 110,000. Must be damned nice!
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    That must of been awesome to take pictures w/ some of the Pats. I don't know if I could stand next to Bruschi or Brady without freaking out though :)
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    hard not to freak out with athletes

    best thing to do is stay cool around tv personalities and entertainers. but with athletes it's hard. brady in probably real normal, what works best is to walk over maybe shake hands and talk to them, normal. they're grateful for that. do not ask for autograph, etc, and you can chat these guys up for a good while.
    have seen ali/entourage, but that's like going to see (god forgive me) santa claus. seen jack kemp, seen joe friggin namath! twice! seen mickey mantle, yogi. almost passed out trying not run over there. just walked over, said hello, asked about da family, some other stupid ****.of course yogi was invisible when he trraveled with mickey anyway, nobody running after him. mike vrabel. probably seen a few others but didn't know who they were.
    it's easy to figure out who are the athletes because they don't look like normal people. they look like weight room freaks who escaped.
    jim brown was great. obviously he-knew-who etc. we had the same flight. we just talked, for about 5 minutes, about the usual nothing stuff. some of these guys are really grateful when you don't start the fan stuff. and just walk over to chat them up.
    i fly the new york shuttle, RT bos-ny and RT ny/dca, pretty frequently. when you do that enough you start to run into opther folks who travel between those cities.
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    Quite an impressive list there! The only superstar I've ever met was Charles Barkley, who seemed pretty laid back, but I guess enough Coronas and tequila shots will do that ;) That was also the night I met Dennis Haskins, yes, the guy who played "Mr. Belding" on Saved by the Bell - man that guy was crazy- hitting on every young girl in the place (including my date), then jumping on top of the bar dancing to 50 Cent by the end of the night. Man he was trashed - good times though!
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    how was barkeley close up?

    i have a great barkley/jordan joke. it involves a woman and an elevator. y'll know it?
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    I have a unique perspective. Brady is a friend of mine going back to our days at UM. To me, he's not the megastar QB of the best team in football, rather, just Tommy. Same with a couple other guys in the league, but Tommy is by far the most famous from our squad. Now, when I've met Pistons players like Chauncey Billups, (and if I am ever so fortunate to meet Rasheed) it's been quite the opposite. I remember Tommy's first game with the Pats in Detroit in the preseason, he introduced me to Bledsoe, Ty Law, and a couple other dudes, and it was unreal for me. There was a lot more of the "hero" attitude going on there.
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    tom's car

    Tom does the a SWEET Bentley!!!!! :singing:
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