This year's UDFA to make the team?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by dryheat44, May 2, 2008.

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  1. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Gary Guyton. I can't believe this guy wasn't drafted. He should be able to play ILB much better than Eric Alexander, with very little drop-off in ST ability. Overlooked playing with Wheeler and Robertson, but a solid player with a ton of athletic ability. Or he could replace Izzo or Mel Mitchell.

    Of course, Drago could impress enough in minicamp to earn a contract....and he has much less competition.

    Keep an eye on Henry Smith also. After some time on the practice squad, he could become a viable backup at NT.
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  2. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    I don't know too much about these guys, but based on the scouting reports, I'm going to agree with you and say Guyton, and also add that I like the potential of Redd.

    Or Drago, here's got a serious chance given the competition is slimmer at that position and the team is more likely to take a chance with him than any other spot.

    Ultimately, I hope we get a few of these guys, Guyton, Redd, Coffman onto the PS for a year.
  3. mike100915

    mike100915 On the Game Day Roster

    I think will probably to diffcult this year for a UDFA to make this team with it's depth. I think that Drago is the odds on choice. I wasn't too enamored with Chris Hanson last yeay, and Scott Player is just serviceable at best. I'd actually be surpised if Drago isn't our punter coming opening week. They guys has the leg they need. I know with this offense Punter isn't too much of a need, but come playoff time we need a guy who can boot it, and Drago is our guy. We haven't had a good punter here since Josh Miller's first year.
  4. KevinFaulk-33

    KevinFaulk-33 On the Game Day Roster

    I hope that Guyton or Redd come in the roster.
  5. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    It is a myth that this team is so good and deep that no undrafted free

    agent can make the team. Guyton and Redd have a shot over players

    like Alexander, Izzo, and draft choice Rudd. I also wonder whether

    Smith will get a good look see since Wright is in the last year of his

  6. tombonneau

    tombonneau In the Starting Line-Up

    Great thread. I vote it be moved to main forum to get more action!

    Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that it's BenJarvus to replace Evans. Here's his scouting report from

    Sounds like his strengths & weaknesses make him a prototypical short yardage back. And if he can actually break a tackle he is an instant upgrade over Evans.

    I think if he can put on a few pounds, he could be a very solid short yardage guy for the Pats.
  7. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #22 Jersey

    I am not sure where you get that statement from to begin with. I think a more accurate statement than no undrafted free agent makes the team would be that is harder for a UDFA to make this team than another. Another more accurate statement would be that there is not room for many day 2 picks and/or UDFAs.

    I don't think anyone would say no UDFA has a chance because we all know Peoli and BB have found a few gems as UDFAs.

    I like what I hear about Guyton. Smith is interesting as he has the body type for the position but I know nothing else about him. Maybe Warren will help him out. Drago could be interesting but with the affection BB has for hang time and directional punting I think it would be a long shot for him to beat out a vet.
  8. tombonneau

    tombonneau In the Starting Line-Up

    There is absolutely no reason an UDFA or two couldn't make this roster. I went to and looked at the roster. IMO, there are 33 locks to make the roster. Everyone else is fighting for a spot.

    Tom Brady 	 QB 
    Tedy Bruschi 	 LB 
    Fernando Bryant 	 CB 
    Shawn Crable 	 LB 
    Kevin Faulk 	 RB 
    Jabar Gaffney 	 WR 
    Stephen Gostkowski 	 K 
    Jarvis Green 	 DL 
    Rodney Harrison 	 S 
    Ellis Hobbs III 	 CB 
    Chad Jackson 	 WR 
    Nick Kaczur 	 T 
    Dan Koppen 	 C 
    Matt Light 	 T 
    Logan Mankins 	 G 
    Laurence Maroney 	 RB 
    Jerod Mayo 	 LB 
    Brandon Meriweather 	 S 
    Sammy Morris 	 RB 
    Randy Moss 	 WR 
    Stephen Neal  	 G  
    James Sanders 	 S 
    Richard Seymour 	 DL 
    David Thomas 	 TE 
    Adalius Thomas 	 LB 
    Mike Vrabel 	 LB 
    Ty Warren 	 DL 
    Kelley Washington 	 WR 
    Benjamin Watson 	 TE 
    Wes Welker 	 WR 
    Terrence Wheatley 	 CB 
    Vince Wilfork 	 DL 
    Jonathan Wilhite 	 CB 
    The rest of these guys are all fighting to make the roster and IMO are all on the same playing field, either UDFA or vet.

    Sam Aiken  	 WR  
    Eric Alexander 	 LB 
    Willie Andrews 	 DB 
    Wesley Britt 	 T 
    Josh Coffman 	 T 
    Dan Connolly 	 OL 
    Mark Dillard 	 S 
    Kyle Eckel 	 FB 
    Heath Evans 	 FB 
    Carlos Feliciano 	 DT 
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis 	 RB 
    Matt Gutierrez 	 QB 
    Gary Guyton 	 LB 
    Chris Hanson 	 P 
    Victor Hobson 	 LB 
    Russ Hochstein 	 G/C 
    Larry Izzo 	 LB 
    C.J. Jones 	 WR 
    Jimmy Martin 	 OL 
    Chris Norwell 	 DE 
    Ryan O'Callaghan 	 T 
    Kevin O'Connell 	 QB 
    Lonie Paxton 	 LS 
    Scott Player 	 P 
    Marcus Pollard 	 TE 
    Vince Redd 	 LB 
    Mike Richardson 	 CB 
    Bo Ruud 	 LB 
    Lewis Sanders 	 CB 
    Matthew Slater 	 WR 
    Kenny Smith 	 DL 
    Le Kevin Smith 	 DL 
    Henry Smith 	 NT 
    Stephen Spach 	 TE 
    Antwain Spann 	 CB 
    Jonathan Stupar 	 TE 
    Santonio Thomas 	 DL 
    Casey Tyler 	 DE 
    Raymond Ventrone 	 S 
    Jason Webster 	 CB 
    Ryan Wendell 	 C 
    Tank Williams 	 S 
    Pierre Woods 	 LB 
    Mike Wright 	 DL 
    Billy Yates 	 G 
    Matt Cassel 	 QB 
    You might be able to quibble here and there, but even if you say there are 40 locks, that still leaves 13 spots up for grabs.
  9. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    Sorry, but Benjarvus would be replacing ECKEL and not Evans. Benjarvus is a RB, not a FB, so even replacing Eckel is a stretch.

    I think its much more likely that Benjarvus winds up on the practice squad since he doesn't have the size to be a lead blocker.
  10. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    Just a point of reference. During BBs entire tenure with the Patriots, BB has NOT cut a player before the season started who was drafted in the 4th round or higher. That's pretty telling regarding O'Connell.
  11. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    actually, its 21 if you include the 8 practice squad spots some guys will be fighting for.

    BTW, I think its a mistake to say that Woods, Wright, Yates, Paxton and Hobson aren't locks for this team.
  12. tombonneau

    tombonneau In the Starting Line-Up

    Good point. I wasn't sure what pile to put him in. Regarding RB, I think they will only carry 4 like normal. Pretty sure Eckle didn't get rostered until injury bug hit Maroney & Morris.

    Obviously Maroney, Morris, Faulk are 1,2,3 but I think the 4th spot is open.

    I disagree that BenJarvus is too small to be that guy, because they rarely use FB to lead block, and when they do it's usually something gimmicky like Hochstein in goal line situations.

    It will definitely be interesting to see how it shakes out, because even if BenJarvus is out of the picture, Eckle & Evans are fighting for the same spot IMO.
  13. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress In the Starting Line-Up

    Redd is very intriguing. Physically freakish: 6'6'' 263 lbs, 4.6 40, 39" VJ, 7.3 3-cone. Played at Virginia, was kicked off the team by Al Groh for drug use or something. But BB must have the inside scoop on the kid. At Liberty had 6.5 sacks, 14 TFL, 6 PDs last season. Interesting project.

    I agree with DHeat on Guyton. Not sure why he wasn't drafted. Maybe there's a story there. LBs who run 4.4 at 245 lbs get drafted 9 times out of 10. Guyton should make this team.
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  14. drew4008

    drew4008 In the Starting Line-Up

    Evans is almost a lock to make the team, the coaches and teammates love him. And how can you not be pumped when that big rumbler gets the ball? I really hope we give him some more playing time too.
  15. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    It's no myth that this team is so good that it will be very hard for an UDFA to make the team, and the odds are long for two to make the team. Guyton and Redd have a shot, but that's all it is. The Pats roster is TIGHT.
  16. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Well, there is a category inbetween a lock and up for grabs. In many areas the incumbent is solidly entrenched and would be hard to unseat. Possible, but to say the position is up for grabs is misleading.

    Also, you need to look at position. LeKevin SMith is one of your "up for grabs" guys, but who do you have to unseat him? His spot isn't gong to be taken by a S or LB.
  17. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    S Mark Dillard - cut

    RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis - cut

    C Ryan Wendell - Practice Squad later in the season to develop for next year.
    OT Josh Coffman - Practice Squad

    NT Henry Smith - Practice Squad
    DE Casey Tyler - Practice Squad
    DT Carlos Feliciano - cut
    DL Chris Norwell - shadow roster

    TE Jonathan Stupar - I can see him brought back on the Practice Squad in October.

    OLB Vince Redd - I need to see him in the preseason.
    ILB Gary Guyton - Seems to have the best shot at a roster spot.
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  18. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    BenJarvis Green-Ellis is actually one of a couple UDFAs that has a chance, along with Gary Guyton.

    The rest have next to zero chance at beating out the incumbent.

    Most of the UDFAs are OL and DL, and none of them have a shot.

    Stupar may be good, but there are four better ahead of him, and we will carry three.

    I am curious to see what happens at QB. Roster is way too tight to carry four. Since O'Connell is so raw, he could stand to be red-shirted ... err ... I mean, IRed. But if he shows a lot in preseason, Gutt could be gone.
  19. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Benji may be the cat's meow, but the weakest link at RB is Eckel who would seem to have an edge with his Special Teams role - I want to see Benji in preseason, but it's hard to see him breaking into that line-up.

    I consider Stupar to be roughly on par with Spach, who wasn't too bad a blocker for the Pats and would probably be ahead of Stupar in terms of his work with Tommy and his playing strength - Pollard just seems to be more of a pre-draft security/tryout move to me. BB has had late season TE additions to the Practice Squad the past couple seasons, which is why I see Stupar gone after cut downs and coming back later in the season when he's done more work with a personal trainer.

    I saw a clip of Redd playing in a 3-4 at Liberty, it probably won't give him much of an edge. I still need to see him in preseason to gauge how he handles his assignments vs. how he runs after a ball carrier.

    I can see BB carrying four QBs again; O'Connell has the athleticism to play on Special Teams or even take reps as an H-back. I agree anyone BB truly wants to avoid risking will get IR'd, too many of the past two season's draft picks have wound up as Colts or Jesters - lazy bastitches.
  20. DocE

    DocE Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    While I think Guyton or Redd has the most potential, I think Stupar is the most likely of the UDFA's to make the roster.

    I think it will be tough for a 3rd LB to make the team as a rookie (assuming Mayo and Crable are locks).

    OLB: Vrabel, Thomas, Woods, Crable
    ILB: Bruschi, Mayo

    There is 6 LB spots right there. Seau will make the team if he comes back, Izzo is likely to make the team as a special teamer, and Hobson seems like a good bet to play the strong inside position.

    With the number of LB's at 9, then you add in Eric Alexander who has the experience (if not the results) and Bo Ruud who they thought enough of to use a 6th round pick on. I think 9 LB's on the 53 would be the maximum, so neither Ruud or Alexander is in a great spot to make the roster either.

    The competition seems awfully stiff for Guyton or Redd to make the roster. Guyton probably has the better chance as he has the build and speed to play either inside or outside. My guess is that for Guyton to make the team he would have to make Izzo expendable on special teams. I do hope that we are able to keep Guyton or Redd on the practice squad if they show well in camp but are unable to crack the 53 man roster. My early guess at LB has Bruschi, Seau, Mayo, Vrabel, Thomas, Woods, Crable, Hobson, and Izzo making the 53 man roster.

    At TE on the other hand, the competition is very weak for roster spots. Watson, Thomas, Spach, Pollard, and Stupar are the only TE's currently on the roster. The Patriots will likely keep 3 TE's and only Watson is an absolute lock to make the team. Thomas has been injured, Pollard looked awful the little I saw of him in Seattle last year, and Spach was a late season street free agent signing. I don't have a high opinion of Stupar, but the road to a roster spot at TE seems to be wide open. I do think the Patriots will likely sign a veteran blocking TE at some point, which will make a TE roster spot much more difficult to come by than it is right now. My guess is that Watson, vet blocking TE to be named later, and Thomas make the team. Pollard and Spach are kept on speed dial (like Rivers last year) and Stupar or another teams young TE ends up on the practice squad.
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