These playoff games are horrible!

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by patsinthesnow, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. patsinthesnow

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    Alright besides the colts vs. chargers game, all these games have been boring.

    1.) The "AFC EAST CHAMPS" get killed and shown by the phonies they were.
    2.) Atl. vs Arz. What a greeat playoff game.
    3.) Eagles vs. Vikings. Boring but atleast tarvaris sucking should bring Cassel there.
    4.) Balt. vs. Tenn. Alright this one is ticking me off alot for some reason. It is mostly because of the media going, "the first rookie qb to win two straight playoff games". They're acting like he is the next HOF. His play hasn't been any better then Kevin Oconnell.
    5.)Cards vs. Panthers. This was an alright game but seeing a team we beat by 40 points in the NFC championship game sickens me.

    Closing points:
    All of the remaining superbowl combinations are terrible and will have a huge dropoff in views from last year.
    I hope its 8-8 vs. 9-7 to show the commisioner something is wrong with the playoffs.
    Keith Bullock needs anger management.
  2. SVN

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    the playoff games havent been great but joe flacco hasnt played like kevin o'connell.he made the throws when they wanted him to make and doesnt put his dfense in bad positions by turning the ball over. 2 road wins with silient snap counts is pretty decent in my opinion whether we like it or not.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    They've been okay aside from Balt-Mia and AZ-Carolina. San Diego beating Indy was great to watch and Ravens-Titans was a bit sloppy but a good physical battle.
  4. foley11

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    Overall not that bad. The Crybaby chargers beating the Colts was a classic. Even though it was ablowout it was fascinating to see the Cardinals dismantle the Panthers at home. Was it a trick or can the Cardinals play some D? Delhomme melted down but he had some help from the Cards D.

    I don't think they have been that bad, I am looking forward to Chargers Steelers this afternoon. I just can't decide which side I hate more. Lets be honest, is there anything better then watching the Steelers lose when they come in all overconfident the way they are sure to today?
  5. As a whole, this has been the worst NFL season I have seen in a long time. I'm not saying this because the Pats aren't in the playoffs, I'm saying this because of the amount of inconsistant teams from week to week. What is up with 8-8 teams beating a 12-4 team? How about a 9-6-1 team going into New York and beating the Giants (which I expected because of the Giants kicking Burress off of the team)? You know the NFL season is bad when Chad Pennington of all QB's throws for more than 3,600 yards and wins the division with the team they have. And yes I agree, these playoffs suck mainly because the teams aren't very good. Don't tell me that these teams that are in the playoffs good because they aren't! The only reason why their there is because they were lucky enough to win their games that was on their schedule.

    One last side note: NFL teams will continue to decline because of the ridiculous amount of money that is being thrown at NFL prospects coming out of the draft. One bad move could cripple a franchise. Alex Smith says hi! Until the NFL puts a stop to this nonsense and regulates how much money a rookie should be paid in a given slot, NFL teams will continue to dish out money to busts.
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  6. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    I agree-I haven't been that impressed with the Final 4.

    But like I said on another thread, this IS football, and NOT baseball/basketball/hockey/etc...where it's ONLY ONE game, and even the littlest of screw ups can equate in a Loss. The littlest of screw ups can equate in a long-term impact for your team.

    For example, by late Nov, the Giants were riding high until the Plaxico incident happened out of nowhere. Did anyone see this coming? I mean how often does it happen where some guy accidentally shoots himself? Remember when the Jets were riding high in late Nov as well? How the heck did they just crash and burn when they didn't have any significant injuries? Did anyone see that coming? Remember when the Cowboys and their much improved D were riding high into Dec...until they lost Barber and BOTH of their LGs? Injuries can be the ultimate equalizer too. When was the last time a conference champion rep had TWO blowout losses in Dec?(i.e. Cards)

    Like I said-football is a week to week thing, but never have I seen an entire season where SO MUCH just changes EVERY single week.
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