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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by The Intimidator, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Since the regular season has just come to end, it is time to start dicussing how we can improve and get back to the playoffs next seasons. Anything can go here from free agent signings, Wes Welker recovery updates, you're offseason ideas and anything involving the Patriots and there offseason.
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    This is pretty silly. There will be hundreds of offseason threads. There is no reason to consolidate them all into one thread. Besides, the offseason doesn't start until after the Super Bowl, or after a team is knocked out of contention for the Super Bowl.

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  3. BillBelichickFan79

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    Come on man! We're in the playoffs! You expecting an early exit against Baltimore this weekend? Have faith! No one gave us a chance going into San Diego and winning in 06, but we did.

    You know all these people in the media writing articles about how the Pats are done and how Baltimore will end the Pat's season b/c the Pats are no longer a feared team any more is EXACTLY the type of stuff that will help will this team to victory. BB is a master motivator of getting his team up. He is the master at feeding his team the "no one believes in you, no one thinks you can do it, it's us against the world, let's prove everyone wrong" thing.

    Watch some of the NFL Films highlights/films of the Pats vs the Colts and Steelers in the early part of the decade. They always have players talking to the cameras on the sideline. Guys like McGinest and Harrison keep saing no one though we could do it. No one gave us a chance. They were wrong, we're moving on. etc, etc, etc. All this the Patriots are doomed stuff is setting up perfectly for BB to get this team to come together at the right time and get on a roll.

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